Understanding Our Role in Life

An excerpt from my book Our Spiritual Awaking

Life is not about being self-centered but living a life of love and peace in service to mankind.


To understand why we are here on earth requires letting go of the narrow minded dogma we have been told by our peers, teachers, the media and organized religion. Before we are born, our spiritual guides help us choose who our parents, friends, love interests, and spouses will be, our home environment and where we will be living, our life mission, and the lessons we will need to go through in order to grow spiritually and resolve our Karma. This is why everything that happens to us in our life time is for a reason and not an accident. We are responsible for how we think, feel, and react to situations. When people hurt us intentionally or unintentionally we are still entitled to be reasonably compensated for damages, and other expenses. And once that is done we are to move on by letting go of the blame, anger, hate, frustration, and resentment and forgive our transgressors.

However, some people are unable to let go and instead allow the incident to become a grudge that they keep thinking and talking about over and over again. What this does is (1) keeps us trapped in the negative energy of the situation and (2) it stops the flow of blessings from Spirit until you let go of the past. Here is a prayer that can help release old memories:

Dear God, please remove this memory forever from my mind now as I don’t need it. Instead fill me with your love, peace, and healing. Thank you God. Amen.

When we die we reunite with our passed over family, friends, and pets. Our guide is with us as we go through a life review of our earth life and discussion about what we learned and did not learn. If we succeeded in learning all our lessons of love, service to others, acceptance of all people for who they are, and forgiveness, we then move on to our next higher spiritual level. If we did not then we have to reincarnate with our soul group to do the save lessons over until we learn. Even the so called evil souls such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, are still given chance after chance to reincarnate and learn. And if they repeat the same evil behaviors, they end up creating more karma they will have to balance out regardless how many lifetimes it takes.

Once we are born we are not allowed to end our life contract early by suicide. When a person commits suicide, the person usually does not pass over right away. They hang around to see the sorrow they have caused to others. When they return home they have to make plans to return to finish out their earth contract. And if we know someone who has committed suicide, we should pray to God to give the soul the strength and fortitude to complete his or her earth contract after reincarnating.

We reincarnate lifetime after lifetime with the same family member’s in different roles in order to balance out our negative karma. For example, let’s say a man from another lifetime hated and mistreated his sister. So in a future lifetime the brother agrees to be the father and his sister the daughter so he can give his sister the unconditional love as a parent. However, after they both reincarnate, the now daughter repeats certain behaviors as a teenager from the previous lifetime that triggers her current fathers subconscious past hatred of her and he ends up mistreating her again. The daughter senses that this has happened to her before and asks God for help and begins having dreams about her past life. When she confronts her father he gets mad and tells her she’s crazy. The daughter says nothing more and suffers in silence until she leaves home. Many years later the daughter heals and forgives her father even though he never acknowledges or apologizes for his actions. The daughter decides not to reincarnate with him again, leaving him to learn his lessons with other people in a future lifetime.

We also plan out how the end of our life of earth will be. Most people don’t think about the end of their life because death scares them. Myself, after my spiritual awakening I stopped fearing death after learning I have already gone through all different types of death experiences. So when it is time for me to pass over, I will do so during sleep.

But until the time comes when we all pass over, we need to be living our life purpose and making earth a better place to live. We also need to be thanking God everyday for the blessings in our life and sending out love, and peace to everyone around us. After all, that is what life is about.


Karma – It’s not what’s for dinner

Karma is real. No bad deed goes unpunished.

(The sooner we accept this, the better off our life will be)

If you live long enough you will see the karma occur to people who intentionally hurt you.

(I know I have.)

But by that time if you are a spiritually enlightened person you will feel bad for the person who is suffering the karma.

(And pray they’ve learned their lesson so they don’t repeat it.)

For in the end, when we are back on the other side we will all gather together in our soul groups and reflect on the lessons we learned.

(And are happy we don’t have to repeat them, again.)

And as I have done on this planet, I have forgiven all those who have hurt me and have cut the etheric cords.


And I shall move on to my next soul group in order to advance up the spiritual ladder which will bring me closer to spiritual perfection in service to my creator.


The Truth I Know

  • When we have a problem with a person, it is all about us, it is not about them. They are just reminding us of what negative emotional feelings and thoughts are within us. We should ask God to forgive us for our shortsightedness, and fill us with his healing, love, and peace so we can love others without judgment, resentment, anger, and animosity.
  •  We are all perfect creations of God—it is the gossip of other people that makes us imperfect.
  •  God’s love is perfect and all he has created is perfect so our love for mankind should be perfect. But yet we erect barriers to complicate the perfection of unconditional love and hinder its flow to us from God.
  •  If you don’t have time to listen to someone you consider boring—then don’t be surprised if a brilliant minded person ignores you.
  •  Loneliness is a programmed state of mind we allow to happen.
  •  Life is about being content where you are now, doing everything you can to the best of your ability, loving who you are and wishing the best for others.
  •  If you are not living a life of gratitude and thanks to God for what you have, then you will stay right where you are.
  • Until we have a spirit filled conscious shift to let go of our self absorbed ego we will never have inner peace, love who we are, and live in the present. We will continue to live in our self imposed limitations of anger, jealousy, hurt feelings, embarrassment, shame, greed, arrogance, and unhappiness.
  •  Earth is like the wild west of the universe where its resident’s steal, tell lies, cheat and murder others and abuse our fellow man and animals. Maybe this is why we keep having worldwide disasters that wipe out its residents so the earth can start over with a clean slate. Oh well, until all people wake up spiritually, I guess we will keep getting wiped out.
  • A cluttered mind will never hear the spiritual truth.
  • If you’re working too hard at finding the true love of your life and failing—maybe it’s time to relax and let God take over.
  • Fear will keep us from traveling outside our self imposed limitations. Worrying about what other people think keeps us stuck in a rut. Doubting our abilities makes us miss out on opportunities that will make a difference in our life. Having faith in God will free you of the excuses and fears!
  • Life is meant to do good deeds for others knowing God will raise you up to the next higher spiritual level of love.
  • When you believe you are worthy to receive God’s blessings of unlimited abundance, he will send it.
  • Patience is tested every day in our lives. We think we know what we want, but then it falls short of our expectations. This is when we step aside and allow God and his spiritual team to take over and pave the way
  • If an angel appeared to me and said, “You have one wish–what is it?” My answer would be “I want the hearts of every single person on earth to be filled with love for each other, because if everyone loves who he or she is within themselves then it will make everyone’s life happier.”
  • Love is the comfort of knowing our angels are around us so we are never alone in this world.
  • If your emotional baggage can fill a cargo hold, it’s time to clean it out by loving yourself and those around you.
  • To transmute the darkness of negativity around you into the light of love and peace—protect and surround yourself with God’s white light of love and peace.
  • Prosperity in our life usually happens when we quiet the mind to listen for and take action on the spiritual inspiration God sends our way.
  • We are limiting our potential when we keep replaying the same worn out negative memories within our mind. So let those memories go.
  • Our fears are nothing more than an ongoing illusion which controls the mind to keep us making up excuses to avoid taking action.
  • I never became a tree that grew roots—I was the leaf that blew away. I did not let fear and doubt control me—instead I took risks. I did not spend money to keep up with Joneses—instead I had fun. I did not care if people thought I was crazy and stupid—I followed my heart and trusted God. And as a result, I am free, not tied down to the wrong person, have what I want, am content, I don’t worry, and am fulfilling my life’s dream and mission.
  • When a person out grows us and no longer serves a purpose in our life God will open the door and show them the exit. So don’t get mad and seek revenge and make new negative karma—instead thank the Lord for the lessons learned and know it is time to move on to the next higher purpose of life.
  • If people are talking behind your back, it means you made an impression in their hearts forever and they will never forget you.
  • When you make the choice to climb out of your grave of neediness and desperation and fill it with self love and peace—then life will move forward.
  • We are not to darken another person’s life path with distain—but instead light it up with our words and actions of love.
  • If there was love within everyone’s heart then we would love our fellow man and help those in need. Our materialistic ego and arrogance would fade away.
  • Be blessed by opening your heart to receiving the abundance of love for it shall resonate out to all.
  •  If you believe that your hard earned tax dollars should not be wasted helping people on welfare and other programs… then why are you expecting God to bless you with his abundance?
  •  If you want your life full of love, happiness, and peace, maybe you should say every day—thank you God for another wonderful day and all your blessings!

Cutting the Cords

Recently I called in Archangel Michael to do an ethereal cord cutting from several toxic people. These toxic people were sending out their negative psychic thoughts and energies through the cords that were attached to both of us.  Their energies and thoughts were also affecting my spiritual, mental, and physical well being.

So, I sat down and visualized I was in a room with a chair across from me. I asked Archangel Michael to enter the room and he walked over and stood to the left of me. I then asked each person to enter the room and sit down across from me. I then said:

Dear (name of person), I forgive you and thank you for the lessons we had together. I now surround you with love and peace. I now ask you Archangel Michael to cut any remaining cords I have with (name of person) with your blue light of love. I am sorry to have offended you (name of person) that created the negative memories and I command they be gone now! Thank you Archangel Michael, I love you.

I then visualize the broken cord rolling up back into the other person’s and my chest. Once that is done, I tell the person they may now leave and I visualize the person leaving.

That night after the cord cutting, I had a dream where I was in a house and put on a white garment. I went outside and as I was walking in an open space I started seeing silver foot long cylinder shaped arrows flying towards me. They were on fire and made a whistling sound before hitting the ground. I squatted down and covered my head with my arms. However, none of the arrows hit me.  I looked up to see an arrow land next to me. I looked at the arrow for a few seconds before getting up and going back into the house and up the second floor. The arrows stopped falling and I knew the cord cutting had worked. I was safe from the harm of peoples negative psychic arrows.

I also use sage wands to clean my living space. Below are the steps on how to do a sage smudging. Please do not do this if you are allergic to sage.

  1. Crack open a window to let out the negative energies that are being cleared.
  2. Light the wand. Wave the feather over the wand to disperse the smoke.
  3. For rooms, walk around once in a circle to allow the smoke to fill the area including the corners. It does not require filling the room with a dense fog of sage smoke to accomplish the goal. Make sure to wave the wand inside of cabinets and closet space and then close the doors. As you move through the room say: ‘If you are not of the light, you must leave.’
  4.  When done, make sure to extinguish the sage and close the window. I usually run a little water over the ends of the sage to make sure it is extinguished. Cleaning and blessing can be done on a regular basis as needed.

Don’t Artfully Pay to Play

Over the years I have entered many local and statewide free photography and art competitions. My entries were always accepted and exhibited and I’ve won awards. One time I was awarded the opportunity to have a month long exhibit at an art gallery. It didn’t matter to the curator that I didn’t have an art degree, nor had a art business.

A few years back, I entered a statewide art and photography competition that had a non refundable $20.00 entry fee with one judge, my photography art was not accepted. Recently, I entered a local art galleries art and photography competition with a non refundable $35.00 entry fee with one judge and again was not accepted. When I checked out the list of winners I noted they had two things in common: they all had art degrees, and art businesses. Interesting.

Well, since I don’t have either of those qualifications, I just flushed my money down the toilet. Hence, never again will I waste my money on entry fees. If ain’t free then it’s not for me. Below are the two pieces I submitted for the competition.

The Eye of the Storm

The new purse