China’s Closet: Helping Humanity

Wanted to share a flyer I made for China’s Closet. China is a true angel on earth and she is a wonderful example of helping others in need. Thanks for taking a look.

China's Closet flyer


The Humble Life: You don’t always get what you want

Recently, I received another email for a program claiming it can make anyone a great singer so you can get out and sing to the world. Well, I like to sing and everyone who hears me says my voice is beautiful. However, I was not meant to be a world famous singer in this lifetime. It took my spiritual awakening to finally realize: I was born into this lifetime to live a humble and simple life.

But many people want to be famous, wealthy, powerful, or outstanding, and they work hard for it but their efforts go nowhere. They don’t understand why nothing is working and it leads to feeling mad, sad, frustrated, depressed, and devastated. Thing is, what those people don’t get is: if it’s not meant to be, no matter what you do or how hard you work at it, it’s not happening. Because…

It’s not part of your life plan or mission. And the sooner you accept this the happier you will be.

Myself, in many of my other lifetimes I was educated, famous, wealthy, beautiful, and powerful. But in this lifetime I am far from any of those things. And let me say, it’s been quite an adjustment because…

This is my karma clean-up life time. I agreed with old souls from my past lifetimes to atone any wrongs we did to each other as part of our spiritual growth. And part of the agreement was that I would have to live a humble and simple life.

I also chose to bring my artistic and healing talents with me into this lifetime. However, no matter what I have done, my efforts have not brought me the same fame and fortune I experienced in past lifetimes. In this lifetime my talents are meant as an outlet for self edification and limited to helping people on a much smaller scale. This is fine, because I do like the peace and quiet of my simple life.

Besides, if I was once again rich and famous in this life, I wouldn’t have my privacy, peace and quiet, and the anonymity I cherish.

So if you’re feeling down because you’re hard work and efforts have not resulted in what you think you want, don’t fret. Finding out what you you’re really suppose to do and be in this lifetime can be as simple as asking the Spiritual universe to help you. I know it worked for me.

The Social Media Cash Cow? Moo!

Making money on Social Media (SM) is big business. There are a lot of folks out there who are good at getting people to buy their literature on how to make money with SM. Myself I’ve read my fair share of literature on how to make money on SM sites such as:

Brightkite, a Delicious, Digg, Docstoc, Facebook, Flicker, Foursquare, Google +, Gowalla, LinkedIn, Meetup, Mister-Wong, Mixx, Newsvine, Reddit, Scribd, SlideShare, Sphinn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, and so forth.

However, what I learned making money on SM is akin to running a successful business. A person needs an entrepreneurial personality, time, money, and the right product to sell that people want and are going to buy.

With that said, I’ve know people who like to talk ad nausea about starting an SM online business. When I asked why they were waiting, they had a boatload of reasons why they hadn’t. I’d tell the person, “well, when you get it going let me know.” They would get upset and said I didn’t understand what they were going through. Yeah right. Of course, I do understand because I’ve been there done that.

For example, in 1980, when I was still a naïve person, a woman came to my apartment and gave me a Mary Kay facial. I found the process interesting and asked how I could become a ‘beauty consultant.’ The woman’s eyes lit up and she told me she made $500.00 a week said I could do it part time. I thought, “ka-ching, easy money.”

So I bought the $1200.00 investment plan, withdrew the money from my savings account to buy my inventory, and took the training to give facial parties.

However, I soon discovered that the few hours a week I was spending to get customers outside my friends and family wasn’t working. When people found out they had to have a facial and had to buy the $65.00 starter kit they said “no thank you, I’m not interested.” Needless to say after about six months I realized I was not destined to be a top Mary Kay consultant driving a pink Cadillac.

(Note: Even though Mary Kay has changed its marketing plan making it much easier and less expensive to be a beauty consultant, it’s still not for me.)

Now in contrast, here is an example of what worked because I had the right stuff.

In 1990 when I started my photography business there was no SM. I got my customers through the trusty yellow pages, passing out business cards where ever I went, and got my name out there by mailing information and visiting businesses that provided other wedding services.

I was dedicated to photography, loved what I was doing, was ambitious, hardworking, creative, and a critical thinker. I put in countless hours, and had the services and products people wanted and bought from me. In 1998, I finally got a web page through some provider and later a twelve page website. It made me until I decided I no longer wanted to be a photographer. Now I spend time writing, drawing, and passing out my Pink Kitty and Perky Penguin stickers. Doesn’t make a lot of money, but I find it fun and enjoyable.

And finally, if making money through SM interests you, try doing what I did and type how to make money with social media pdf, into a Google search. I was surprised how much free information there was and just much time, money, and work it was going to take—just like running a business—to make money on SM.

Time to go have a glass of wine and watch Ancient Aliens.

Give me some WOW factor, please!

Recently I got an email from Bowker offering their PDF electronic sell sheet for $150.00. It included the author’s photo, book cover, and ISBN number, where to buy the book, about the author, and book and so on. There was no fancy graphics or eye grabbing art work. Personally, in my never to be humble opinion, the sheet looked like a template that probably is used over and over again. Have to admit it’s a great way to rack in the money.

However, if I was going to pay $150.00 for a sell sheet, I would want it custom made and have a wow factor—like the sheet I created for my one book for free below.

CFCFH flyer 2018


And speaking of custom sales sheets, I did one for a friends catering business and charged her $125.00, and she loved it. It’s featured below.

Dante's Catering Flyer II


No boring templates for me thank you!


Mission Control: We have a Problem?

At one time or another in our life, you may have encountered a control freak. The control freak is basically an insecure bully who needs to dictate and manipulate people into doing what they want when they want. And if you don’t do what they want they use guilt, shame, and embarrassment to get you to comply. And if you still refuse to give in to their demands, they usually resort to abuse to feel superior by bringing you down.

In my lifetime, the control freaks I dealt with were my parents, in laws, boyfriends, ex-fiancés, and even some female friends. But other than my parents, who I lived with for the first eighteen years of my life, I at least had the choice to ignore or sometimes avoid the other control freaks. Thing was, doing this back fired because the control freaks took it personal, got upset, and let their imagine run away with them. They would accuse me of sneaking around, being selfish, not being sensitive to their needs, and blaming me for making them the way they were. Wrong.

In hindsight, I now understand the control freaks wouldn’t accept or didn’t understand they had made the choice to be the way they were in this lifetime. For most of my life I didn’t understand either why I was being treated so badly, but after my spiritual awakening, I do. I was just playing my part out with them. And because the control freaks never or still have not let go of their negative mindset, it manifested into physical illnesses such as blindness, brain disease, cancers, and neurological disease.

And so what have I learned from this? I’ve fulfilled my life contract with the control freaks and have forgiven them. I also send out love and healing to the ones who are still alive. I am also thankful and grateful to God and my spiritual team for being there with me keeping me sane during those challenging years of lessons which are done. And today, because I am a happy, secure, loving, and spiritual person living her life mission, I no longer have any control freaks in my life. After all, life should be an adventure, not a problem.