Hello and thanks for visiting my site. I have been writing, drawing, and taking photos since I could hold a pen.

I am a spiritual person who enjoys writing on spiritual and humoristic topics. My newest book Our Spiritual Awakening is spiritual book that cover topics on why we are here, how to find out what your life mission is, how to boost your spiritual status in the universe, how to avoid creating new karma you will have to pay for in future lifetimes, what your dreams mean, how to stay healthy and thin, how to become a spiritual healer, and more.

My other books on Amazon are Clicking for Cash from Home, Adult Coloring Book Featuring Cats, Romance, Angels, & FlowersPink Kitty’s Friendly Tales and The Cat Chat Forum.

I had a photography business for twenty years, and won several awards from being in juried and solo photo and art shows. My drawings and artwork are spiritually inspired.

I used to write a photography column for a community newspaper in Michigan and wrote humoristic articles about the postal work life for a local postal union newspaper eons ago.

I like cats and dogs and enjoy living life in the moment. I am very thankful to God and his spiritual team of ascended masters (including Jesus), angels, and spiritual guides for the love, peace, and blessings they have been bestowed upon me.