Making your own Angel Message Card Deck

I would like to share with you how you can make your own Angel Message card deck. This Angel Message deck consists of twenty seven channeled spiritual angels’ phrases from my angels, plus seven yes cards and seven no cards.

You will need forty one 4 1/2” by 6 1/2” index or note cards that are blank on one side. It’s okay if there is a decorative design on the other side. Cut the cards in half and write the yes and no words and phrases listed below, on one side of the cards with a green marker.

Since this is not a tarot deck, you don’t need to use the traditional twelve card zodiac circle or the Celtic cross layout. Also, an upside down card doesn’t have the opposite meaning.

When you use the cards find a quiet place. Ask God and his spiritual team to bring you the answers you need to know. Ask a question then shuffle the cards in your hand three times, spread them out face down, run your hand over the cards, and when you feel drawn to a card, pick it up. If the angels want you to pay closer attention to a cards meaning, a card may fall out of the deck during shuffling. Repeat the above process for each new question.

Here are the cards:

  1. Abundance is yours. Believe you are worthy to receive it
  2. Ask Spirit to send you the gifts you deserve
  3. Believe it is yours to manifest
  4. Change is coming 555
  5. She/he is yours
  6. It is done. Thank God, the angels, and universe for the experience and what you learned
  7. It is not time yet
  8. It is yours, you have earned it! Trust God, your angels and the universe that they are bringing it to you.
  9. It takes time, patience is needed.
  10. Listen to and heed what spirit is telling you.
  11. Let go of the fear! It is hindering you from achieving your God given goals and moving forward.
  12. Let Spirit lead.
  13. True love is coming—you are ready to receive it.
  14. Love thyself to love and manifest miracles.
  15. Pray for love to fill your heart and those around you.
  16. Release all negative ego, anger, hate, and envy.
  17. Release the thoughts as you do need them anymore.
  18. Share and give it away wisely.
  19. Stay in the present to focus on what is now—let go of the past.
  20. Take care of thyself. Your body is a temple of love—eliminate toxins.
  21. The lesson is learned—time to move on.
  22. You are responsible for what you have created, forgive yourself.
  23. You cannot control or change another person.
  24. You have known him/her in a past lifetime.
  25. You know the answer. Believe in and trust the Holy Spirit.
  26. You still need healing. Release and let go through self love, forgiveness, and prayer.
  27. Walk in love. Emit love freely to receive it back.

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