The Pie in the Sky always falls

I receive a lot of email from people who claim they went from a poor struggling person to a multimillionaire in a specific time period. These people all claim they can show you how they did it for a price. Of course, I read what their secret or special method is and it all boils down to one thing at the end of their presentation…

They want you to buy some expensive program consisting of CD’s, booklets, or webinars that will show you how to get rich too. Of course, the person promoting this pie in the sky program knows…

This type of minutia will appeal to those people who want an easy way to get rich and those people will buy it. But, as I have discovered in many cases…

People who are looking for an easy way to get rich… spend a lot of money playing the lottery and gambling at the casino looking for that big win that never materializes.

Thing is most of, if not all, of those people who buy the attractive easy get rich programs never follow through with it. The program ends up on a self collecting dust and the person goes back to their daily grind.

In the end the only person who gets rich is the person selling the program.

However, I don’t waste my money on such minutia because I know from experience that:

You need a product or service that people are willing to pay you money for.

You believe in what you do and live, eat, and breath it 24/7/365 days a year.

You are willing to put in the necessary long hours and hard work required to make your product or service successful.

You are willing to sacrifice the time spent with your family and friends, forgo your favorite hobbies, watching TV and being on social media several hours a day, and other leisure activities.

You don’t allow a negative ego to rule your life

You have faith in God and his Spiritual team, and give thanks, and have gratitude for everything every day.

You are willing to give back to the community by donating your services or products when appropriate

You learn how to use relaxation techniques to keep the stress of running a business from ruining your mental and physical health.

So unless you are willing to produce and offer a product or service, plus do the hard work to make it work so you can become rich…

Don’t buy pie in the sky get rich programs.

After all, gravity has a way of bringing the pie down to earth on top of your head and making a sticky mess.

Perky Penguin V



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