Excerpt #3 from Seven Degrees of Drama

A Marriage of Convenience

Brenda wanted to be a supervisor and discovered having an affair with another supervisor was the way to achieve her goal. So she set her sights on Larry, who was married, which made no difference to Brenda. Larry fell hard for Brenda, and he convinced the tour superintendent to train Brenda as a supervisor. After that Larry divorced his wife and married Brenda. When Larry replaced Ron on Sarah’s MSM crew, Brenda frequently came by to visit with Larry. This did not go unnoticed by Katrina, who had started on the same day as Brenda. Katrina had no respect for Brenda because of her sinful behavior. One night at lunch with Sarah and Crystal, Katrina launched into a tirade about Brenda’s quest to become a supervisor.

“Those two would stand right there in the hallway outside of the cafeteria kissing on each other like slobbering dogs. It was so embarrassing to have to walk past them. I wanted to yell stop it, but didn’t. And then, Brenda also used to have really large breasts, and would wear tight low cut tops. But as soon as she got married to Larry, she had a breast reduction. I guess Larry didn’t want the other sinful men supervisors staring at his wife’s chest. And now if she sees any other woman wearing tight clothes, she tells them they can’t wear that. She is such a phony! Those two are so sinful and they will probably burn in hell!”

Sarah laughed. “Katrina, I don’t think they are going to burn in hell.”

“Well,” sad Katrina, “even if they don’t, they’re still sinful.”

The conversation reminded Sarah of when Brenda was her new employee orientation class instructor. On the first day Brenda informed the group that she was in school to get her MBA.

“Getting an MBA is important in order to advance up the management ladder in this organization,” said Brenda.

Whoopee,’ thought Sarah.

When Brenda showed videos on the food and children’s gift drives, and safety campaigns, Sarah noticed Brenda was in every video.

“I know I’m in all these films,” said Brenda. “But again if you want to move up in management you have to get involved and volunteer in as many activities you can. That way, the important people will become familiar with your passion and dedication to the company.”

Sarah was not impressed with Brenda’s ambitious intentions.

Brenda turned on the lights. “And the other thing is, I exercise professionalism at all times. My husband Larry is a supervisor, and even though I work with him on the floor, I always address him as Mr. BS. When the other managers approach me and say ‘Hey where’s your husband?’ I correct them by saying, ‘you mean Mr. BS?’ They think I’m being snobbish, but I believe in being professional.”

Can we say phony?’ thought Sarah.

When Sarah got on her crew, she found out that coworker Andy was enamored with and idolized Brenda. Andy often flirted with Brenda and once told Katrina he thought Brenda was the perfect woman. He also gave Brenda birthday and Christmas gifts. She accepted the gifts because she and Larry played on Andy’s volleyball team.

When Brenda completed her MBA she was promoted to the day manager of the employee training center and quit playing volleyball. A year later, she was offered a regional manager’s position in another state and accepted the job. This upset Larry and he told her he didn’t want to move away from his kids and grandkids.

“This is what I’ve work for all these years. And I think you should be happy and support me in my decision to take the job!” said Brenda.

“I don’t like how you took the job without consulting me first!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m taking the job and if you don’t want to go with me, too bad!”

Larry stood his ground and Brenda filed for divorce, and moved on. He then took a leave of absence from work to regroup. When he returned to work, he never spoke about Brenda again.


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