Channeled Angels Messages

The Angel’s Jonas and Mary: Go forth for thou is now a messenger of the truth that all is meant to hear. The words of God’s love will be like an explosion that causes the mind to go beyond the doors of reason. People shall understand and see the end of their many sorrows, which causes one not to harmonize with the soul. Your presence increases the vibration of the equation with the love of life. Go forward, the end is not near. You know what cometh, temple secrets lying not, stirred upon the incense of myrrh, not of myth. Your time is now to write those words of love for those who need to read and understand. You are not to stand still in the tide of life.

Angel Jasper: We the angels love and want you to know all is well with your life. You are doing well in letting go. Please be patient in the flow of life as God brings you all the knowledge of truth and the understanding of what you need to know. One lone life ahead passes as you write—let the words flow for all will see what we have spoken. We work to bring it forth. The wealth of knowledge shall reach the masses. We know and speak, once the third dimensional time transitions to the fourth, the hidden evil agenda shall no longer rule.

Forth coming are the ships who will rescue the enlightened souls who have chosen to know the truth. Live not in fear, for it will happen. Cry not, for life goes on. You know the truth so worry not as you are guided.

Angel Hanna: Hence now hear the words I bring to you. For the wars of the heaven’s rage on, letting go the aplomb revelry. For those souls who follow the righteous path of love and understanding they will fear not. Those enlightened souls know there is an ancient ship that contains living quarters for all who choose to go.

We are the souls of light who travel now throughout the universe. Our lives are entwined within the realms of love. To allow our hearts to know of the past is to rectify the problems that occur in the present. This being the truth core of the love to which we are entitled to upon the planet earth. We have known many souls to which we have shared our love and when we share that love again without negative emotions our lives our fulfilled and balanced within the universal realm.

We cannot allow the negative emotions to interfere with our growth. We must allow ourselves to learn what we need to know to experience and understand the love we need to live on. Many souls heed not the words of the Lord, the masters, and their angels and thus they carry on with the mistakes and anger within their souls. Let not the hindrances of the earth keep you from finding true unconditional love. Listen to your heart and those who have gone before you who can share their knowledge and happiness. We are humans who are to be happy in love. Our lives are not to repeat the same transgressions with the same people to where it shall be a continuance of damage to the soul. Life is about living a life of love to its fullest and shining our light of love out to others.

The Angel Johanna: It is only lies when you hear the end is near. Near to what you may ask but it is not what you think. Reach back into your soul’s growth and let it flow to awaken your soul. The end date is not 2015 but is the date of the mass karma rectification. All shall pay for what they have created upon the earth with much discord occurring amongst the people. It shall be worst than what you see now. The numbers of the year 2025 add up to nine, which is an ending to what you know.

Watch for a cosmic storm as it foretells the truth. Rarely seen slivers of light trailing the shooting stars will fill the night. Fear not these stars for they are only passing through. Watch for the brightest one of the stars, called Polaris. It is a master of strife and disturbance, which offends the morass of the seas. The salt of the sea always washes white upon the shores; but with Polaris’s passing, it is no more. Polaris shall rise up the brown and green bubbles of gas from deep within the sea. Like the heat of hate that consumes the soul, so shall all in the sea perish from those gases. The fish will float unable to breath. It is only when the rain comes in time to drench the flame of thirst.

Carry out the will of God and forgive all, for it shall matter when the wave of God’s justice engulfs those who willfully refuse to acknowledge the power of God, his awe, his almighty hand of love. Like a fly that flies and teases a person, but missed the swatting, it is only a matter of time before the fly is crushed.

The Angel Mary: Embrace the light of love for you are one with God. He has you in his sight. You are never alone and will never be without. Be right in the midst of life and love. Forgive those who have trampled you for they will come to you for answers as you become blessed with the knowledge of ages.

Behold a beacon of light that shall light your path so the rotting darkness is no longer destructive. All in due time will the justice of the earth be foretold, when all who seek to relieve that presence of hate, anger and abandonment will be vindicated.

Letting go and releasing negativity, be it fear, pride, or ego is needed for understanding a life of love. Our minds can be complex, or simple in their thoughts; too over focused or scattered amongst the universe. We are beings who need to love and accept who others are. We cannot constrain another’s life within our narrow frame. We are free to choose and endure the pain, or the pleasure of what we deem sane.

However, the mind shall never be caught within the bounds of life, because our souls are of a brighter light. The heavens open up their gates and let all knowledge be fate, to which we take and make our own. Our choices are many, the realms not too few. And the endless cycle of love is due when all the earth sings in harmony so true.

Cast off the shadows of doubt, they strangle the life out. Your light of holiness shall shine, when you are one with the divine. Let not yourself hinder on within a false sense of wrong. Only know all is right, within the soul of your might. Stand your ground and feel the strength of God and fate.

We angels and all the saints have set the path to make a way for those who seek all truth and past debate. Never once is the soul to doubt that life is here and now.

We are to live our life based on need, but never a life of needless greed. If we steal from the enlightened souls, they understand the karma of what will not be the thief’s to keep. Remember we are who we are and our life is only but one step of many in the universal trails of light.

 The Angel Theresa: We travel not lightly in the realms of this world, as we needlessly carry a burden of uncertainty. We should allow ourselves to let go of such needful things. Like the gold of the land and the jewelry of the mind that decorates and adorns the fringes of the truth, our lives are more than what we think them to be.

Like a new born kitten that is limited by its’ self contained world; we have used our eternal free will to slot ourselves into a disbelief and cynicism of doubt, and lack of faith. We grasp and decorate the truth with the babbles of lies which weigh down our souls of light.

Listen to what you say. Are your words of love and truth or do you speak the words of negativity? No more can the earth hold what evil you spew upon its dirt. No matter how you justify your words and deeds, you need not lose your birthright as the souls of God because of it. Harm not others with your negative passion, but instead let all your power of love and peace flow so it shall transcend to the many souls who carry sadness. They know not how to release the darkness that permeates their entire being and it will drift over to you. Therefore, ask us angels for protection and to send those souls blessings of love for they are lost on their chosen their path.

And you are to surround those souls in the violet glow of light and love to help transmute the pain and sadness they recall. Your prayers are like the white dove of peace which calms the soul of its sorrow and misery.

God is love and a belief in God brings forth the strength of his love and faith from our prayers. Your angel’s and guides are here to channel the answers of hope, peace, and the meaning of love to you. You are to live your life as a loving being and not as an implementer or sufferer of abuse. Take up the reins of life and let your heart lead the way.

We know all what is there for you, you need only to sit quiet and listen. Nothing is forever except love and we are to cry forth with passion of love in our hearts. It fills the void of hate and the deep pit of despair. If you leave behind all those imperfections and travel forth with us angels showing you the way, you shall see the rewards of greatness.

Let go of what you need not and allow the faith of God to lead you. You are as who you are—learn what your life is to be and know you are never alone as you travel in the universal realm of love and its being.

When we let go of the ego which keeps us from moving forward, it is then we will manifest the love, the abundant wealth, and happiness God, your angel’s, and the universe knows you are deserving of and entitled to.

The blessings of the heavens are bestowed upon you. Value what you have, what you know, and how you utilize all that is within your grasp. Yet, many of you wander within your unproductive abyss not knowing that life is more than it can be as you yet still have not yet found the enlightenment key.

We must not allow ourselves to die a death of uncertainty. Our souls are a result of what we have learned and manifested through our many lifetimes. We are where we are to be at this point in earth time. It is as we speak the tongues of ages, a wisdom that bestows our being. Remember the wonderful loving being you are and it is God’s love that matters and is important in the development of your soul. We are not to allow the negative perception of others, as they pass through our life, to affect us. Those negative souls tend not to conceive of a life outside their manifested box of isolation. It is like the boundaries of the druids, which keep them surrounded in uncertainty. What you are meant to see is the fields of life, of love and the freely given knowledge that keeps the mind aware of the endless universal flow of energies.

The Angel Jason: Mathematics is a simplified reasoning method devised by God to help people in the third dimensional world to explain what is done by the visualization of the spiritual world. In the spiritual realm, the advanced and enlightened minds of its souls only need to think to create what people call the material world.

People on earth need the math to unlock what they think are the mysteries of physics and sciences so mankind can survive. Yet, physics and science is not a mystery, but what life is composed of in our universal existence.

Mathematics in the hands of the unenlightened will never lead to the destruction of the planet because the unenlightened thinkers understand not the true meaning of what life is and has been for the ages. And whenever the unenlightened amongst you use math to create destructive energies to harm mankind, they shall be stopped over and over again.

When mankind finally allows their minds to be enlightened for the good of the masses, it is only then they can possess the essential knowledge to benefit the masses. But only to the extent it will not interfere with the free will of people who are on a path of their choosing.

If one does understand that not all proof is what it seems and the mistakes are many, one cannot proceed to a higher understanding of the universe. If one allows the salt of the sea to corrode the mind, one will die a death doomed to repeat a life of lessons. One has to overcome his desire to allow the ego to interfere with what the masses of souls need to hear so the earth shall become of one.

The enlightened mass consciousness of the earth perceives the soul as whole and the mind as one body within the spiritual universe. As you go forth with the understanding of knowledge, stay within the vibration of love and know you are always in unison with the universe. Let not the end of what you foresee be the fear of your life. Let the wisdom of your angel’s and guides help you let go of the fear so you can meditate and let flow the healing colorization to those around you.


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