Second excerpt from Seven Degrees of Drama:

Feral Cats in the Zone

At the mail facility, feral cats roamed the parking lot and lived in the bushes. The cat lovers sat out bowls of dry food and water at the front entrance, the dock, and back patio area. There was one cat living in the patio area that walked up to the tables meowing for food and to be petted.

The one time Lisa petted the cat, it scratched her hand, drawing blood, before running away. Not knowing what diseases the feral cat might have, she told her supervisor, Ken, a well built man with curly brown hair. He told Lisa he was going to have to drive her to the ER to get a tetanus shot. When they arrived the ER waiting room was empty. After signing in Lisa was taken to a room and told someone would be in shortly. However, two trauma cases arrived pushing Lisa’s tetanus shot back two hours.

Every so often Ken came into the room and chatted with Lisa. The nurse commented on how Lisa had such a nice and good-looking husband. Lisa smiled as she corrected the nurses’ assumption. Ken was faithfully married to someone else.

As the wait moved into the second hour, Ken told Lisa he was about ready to go grab the syringe and give the shot himself.

“Do you how to give shots?” Lisa said.

“Yes.” Ken said. “I was an army medic. I was also in my second year of medical school when I decided being a doctor wasn’t for me.”

Lisa smiled. “Wow. Maybe you should.”

Two hours later Lisa got her shot.

“Please don’t pet anymore wild cats Lisa.” Ken said. “I like you, but spending two hours in the ER is not my idea of a fun time.”

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Lisa said as they left the ER together for the drive back to the mail facility.

A few days later during Lisa’s break, someone at the table pointed at the bushes.

“There’s a litter of kittens in the bushes Lisa.”

“Really?” Lisa got up and went over to look.

“Oh, there so cute.” However, mama kitty was not in the mood for visitors and let out a growl. When Lisa went back inside she told Ken about the kittens and that she wanted one.

“You want a kitten?” Ken said.

“Yeah.” Lisa said.


Lisa was keying on the MSM when the lamp flashed on and off over the keyboard. Turning around she saw Ken waving his hand for her to come back to the desk. She got up and went to see what he wanted.

“Look what I got for you,” he said as he opened his right pants pocket to reveal a gray striped kitten looking up at Lisa.

Lisa smiled. “Oh! You got one! Thank you!” 

“His mama was moving the litter, but I got him before she came back.” Ken said. “I’ll hang on to him until the end of the shift.” 

Lisa reached in to pet the kitten. The kitten hissed.

Ken smiled and winked. “Hey watch it, the family jewels are down there.” 

Lisa laughed.

It was then Lanetta, another MSM supervisor came around the corner.

“I heard about the kitten!” Lanetta said as she reached into Kens pocket.

“Oh, he’s so cute!” Lanetta said as she moved the kitten to her chest. “Are you sure you’re able to take care of this darling little kitten Lisa? If not I can!”

“Yes, Lanetta. I’m quite capable of taking care of the kitten.”

Lanetta lifted the kitten up to her puffy blonde hair and moved it back and forth.

“Oh he likes playing with my hair!”

Ken took the kitten and put it back into his pocket.

“Are you sure you can take care of that sweet like thing Lisa?” said Lanetta.

“Yes she is Lanetta. You can go back to your machine now.”

Lanetta made a sad face and left. At the end of the night Lisa took the kitten home and named it Kenny. She had him for the next fifteen years until he died from natural causes.


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