How My Writing Mistakes Saved Me

For most of my life, I used the same common writing mistakes that plagues inexperience authors.

I had no clue about the mistakes because I thought I was a good writer.

However, whenever I submitting my writings to literary agents and publishers, I was reject every time.

I came to realize… I wasn’t as good a writer as I assumed to be.

So I decided maybe I needed some help with my writing.

First, I took a copywriting course through I learned how to be more conversational in my writing, and create attention getting copy.

After all, the reader wasn’t interested in me. They were looking for the benefits of a worth while entertaining read. Or wanted a particular problem solved with useful information.

Then I subscribed to New York best selling author Jerry Jenkins (Left Behind Series) blog  I discovered how often I used the word that and how I used too many descriptive adjectives, and that people don’t grunt, snort, and howl. Plus…

I get to the point now.

I also read The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler.

To say the least, I was amazed how much I didn’t know about writing and how I am still and will always be learning.


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