The Nurse Assistant

A twelve hour shift worked

Exhausted, hungry, and mentally spent

Seven to nine critical care patients

All requiring full care

They can’t move from the bed

Alert and orientated x 2 or less

Incontinent and have folly’s.

And all I do is clean their butts.

I was supposed to be a nurse

But got kicked out of a nursing program

When I said something after the instructor almost killed a patient.

The school covered up the incident and blamed me instead.

Strange how I was taught to be compassionate,

By amoral nurses who have no shame.


2 thoughts on “The Nurse Assistant

  1. Nursing assistants never get the credit they deserve! As for being a nurse, you can still do it. Don’t let that one poor excuse of a program stop you from achieving your dreams!


    1. Ditto the NA’s not getting the credit they deserve. As far as going back to another nursing school, I’ve decided to pass on it. I prefer helping others though energy healing, angel readings, and my writings.

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