Excerpt from Seven Degrees of Drama

The enclosed catwalks were another intimidation method to keep the employees honest. The catwalks snaked around the inside perimeter walls and through the middle of the facility. There were also catwalks on the loading dock and in the money room. Authorized personnel walked through the carpeted catwalks and looked out the one-way small square windows at the employees on the workroom floor. At night, the machine noise prevented people below from hearing anyone above them. However, during the day when the building was quiet if a person was directly under a catwalk they could hear a soft thump of moving feet.

Despite this intimidation factor, a long time money room employee made plans to take the money and run. He knew the catwalk would be empty over the weekend, plus he his partner had the weekend off. Hence the theft would not be discovered until Monday morning.

It was a late Friday night as the man loaded bags of money, checks, and jewelry into the back of his covered pickup truck. His initial plan was to drive across the border, but changed his mind after he left the facility. Three months later he was arrested while living in another state. He was charged with grand larceny, and sentenced to ten years in prison. When the man told the media that he thought he was not going to get caught, Lisa, and many others just shook their heads.



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