Ten Ways to a Drama Free Life

  1. Love and like who you are.
  2. Say I AM mantras every day such as: I AM a beautiful, kind, and loving person who deserves the best. I AM worthy and deserving of all the riches of the universe. I AM a person of love and peace. I AM financially wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I AM attracting the love of my life at this very moment.
  3. Ask God and his spiritual team, i.e. your angels, ascended masters, and spiritual guides, to help you to get rid of all the negative people out of your life who don’t have your best interests at heart. These include the manipulators, the takers, the gossipers, the abusers, and naysayers.
  4. Ask God and his spiritual team to surround you with their aura of protection to keep the negative vibes from draining your energy.
  5. Don’t worry about what insecure and non-spiritual people say and think about you. They are intimidated by your loving and powerful energy and it scares them.
  6. Don’t dwell on the negative things of your past. Ask God and his spiritual team to remove the negative thoughts from you mind so you can manifest the positive things you deserve.
  7. Get counseling if you’re still affected by an abusive childhood, or relationship and it’s preventing you from moving forward, being happy, and living you life mission.
  8. Live in the present with thanks, appreciation, love, peace, and gratefulness for everything you have and who you are.
  9. Be a channeler of God and his spiritual teams love, peace, and healing.
  10. Know and believe you are never alone because God, his spiritual team, the spiritual universe is taking care of you.

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