Ten Ways to Attract Financial Abundance

There are countless books, movies, seminars, webinars, and spiritual guru’s teaching us how to attract financial abundance.

And as I have discovered, all these venues have the same ten reoccurring ideas on how to attract financial abundance into your life.

But unlike the aforementioned venues that cost money, mine are free and here they are:

  1. You need to have faith in God and his spiritual team of ascended masters, angels, spiritual guides and the spiritual universe.
  2. You need to let go of the lack mindset and all engrained fears about money. You can’t be afraid to spend money or be cheap because you think you don’t have the money. Or you have to hang on to all your money because you might end up destitute, homeless, or lose all your money someday.
  3. God and the spiritual universe will send financial abundance though friends and other people. If you are a person who feels guilty about receiving gifts and presents, or think if you take something from someone you will owe them—you have to let it go. If you don’t God will keep sending things through other people until you do.
  4. You need to ask God, to take away your fears, uncertainty, and doubts about money forever… and instead fill your heart, mind, and soul with the faith you are being taking care of me so you can be a good steward of your blessings.
  5. Negative thoughts and words are energy that manifest into reality. This is why you need to think in a mindset of abundance… visualize all the things you want to buy and do with money, and proclaim what you want to the spiritual universe by saying positive I am mantras such as: I am receiving unlimited abundance from God in new and exciting ways that will be manifested beyond my wildest dreams and thoughts. (The reason for saying unlimited abundance is to avoid putting parameters on the opportunities, and gifts Spirit sends to you.) I am worthy and deserving of all the riches of the universe. I am doing, driving, owning, marrying, or whatever you want at this very moment now!
  6. You have to pay it forward and give to others in order to receive.
  7. You have to avoid saying: I can’t afford to do that because I don’t have the money. This is a subconscious message which tells the universe you don’t want them to send you financial abundance. Instead, you say, I do have the money, but I don’t feel like giving it away or spending it right now. (Interestingly, I found repeating this statement worked well with certain friends and family members who always tried to mooch money from me.)
  8. Whenever a negative thought or fear about money pops up in your head, you have to say: Dear God please take away this negative thought I am having now! Amen.
  9. You need to ask God and his spiritual team to send you the right people, educational and work opportunities, and the inspiration to help you make more money.
  10. You need to know God is making your life perfect at this very moment and providing you with everything you need and want every day. Be patience as God and his spiritual team work to bring you the blessings you deserve in all areas of your life.

And finally, most people would love to win a big lottery jackpot. They daydream how they would spend the winnings helping their family, friends, giving to charity, traveling the world, funding their retirement, starting a foundation, business, be a writer, artist, singer, and etc. Thing is, if winning the lottery isn’t a life lesson we chose on the other side to go through in this lifetime—we’re not going to win no matter how much we think, say, or visualize to win or how many tickets we buy.

And even though we may not be destined to win a lottery—it shouldn’t stop us from doing those lottery daydreams with what money we have right now in the bank. However, most people won’t do that. After all, it’s easier to daydream about spending someone else’s money other than your own. Bottom line, if people aren’t living their lottery daydreams now because they don’t have the money—they’re only putting limits on the financial abundance God and the spiritual universe wants us to have! And that is why I have let go of my fears and excuses, and started living my dreams. And you can too!

Love drawing II



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