The 5 Deadly Heart Attack Triggers

This is an email I received from the Institute for Natural Healing   I usually don’t read these promotions, but this one I did because it has information I’ve been practicing for years now and it works. Even though it is a little long, I wanted to share it with my fellow health conscious and savvy readers.


Everything you’ve been told is wrong. But know the 5 true factors that cause heart attacks and strokes could save your life.

The lies are killing us. In America alone, people suffer more than 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes each year.

Almost everything the medical establishment, the government, the media, and Big Pharma have told us about heart disease is wrong.

It’s not high cholesterol. It’s not eating saturated animal fats. It’s not even lack of exercise or elevated blood pressure.

Instead, five everyday things put you at risk of sudden death by heart attack or stroke. And you probably did three of them before lunch today.

These five things do a little damage every single day. And because you’ve been misled, you have no warning that they could strike you down in an instant.

It’s like a tree that’s being chipped away by an ax.

You get up in the morning and feel a little stiffness and pain. You brush your teeth. You pour a cup of coffee.

Maybe you get on the treadmill or go for a walk.

You eat breakfast. You take some medications.

You go to work. Or meet friends on the golf course. Or just settle in for a football game.

You’re doing everything you’ve been told to do. Your doctor isn’t concerned because your tests look good. You feel fine…

You feel safe… And then suddenly, one day…the final chip fells you like a tree.


Will you get to the hospital in time? Maybe.

But if you’re alone in your backyard, driving in your car, or even out in public and too embarrassed to complain about the symptoms—you’ll likely die before you get help.

Heart disease is called the “Silent Killer” precisely because it never looks or feels like what Hollywood portrays in the movies.

And even after 35 years of major medical advances and aggressive treatments, we’re still seeing…

735,000 heart attacks and 795,000 strokes every year

Heart disease remains the #1 killer. And stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability.

That’s why, in the next few minutes, you’re going to get the 5 REAL triggers of heart attack and stroke, along with natural, effective, preventive, and reversal measures.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the biggest dangers are things your doctor never warned you about, or even tested. In some cases, they are the very things he told you to do.

What’s more, the first 4 triggers all lead to the 5th trigger, which is the deadliest of them all. You’ve probably never heard of it before, but it’s likely at work inside your body right now!

Hi, I’m Joe Zagami, senior medical researcher for The Institute for Natural Healing.

I know millions of lives could be saved each year if people just had accurate information on what really causes heart disease. But there is just so much misinformation out there.

Most people are totally in the dark on what really causes heart attacks and strokes.

And that’s why my medical research team and I, here at The Institute for Natural Healing, had to get to the bottom of this epidemic. It was literally a matter of life or death.

We consulted the real experts, many of whom have been ignored by the medical establishment.

We read the research, not the press releases and synopses, but the actual full research conducted by respected medical scientists who are NOT on Big Pharma’s payroll.

We studied who has the most coronary events and who has the least.

We uncovered some stunning research results in obscure journals that were never reported in the media because it ran counter to establishment, or drug-based medicine.

We even exposed how the results of two of the biggest heart drug studies were manipulated by the drugmakers to look successful when, in fact, they were the opposite. You’ll see these study results in a moment.

Most important of all? We searched relentlessly for the truth.

And we were able to do that because we are totally independent. Our only responsibility is to our readers.

And now, in our presentation today, we’re going to share with you our findings…

I can guarantee that it’s nothing you’ve been told before by your doctor, have read in any medical literature, or have seen or heard in the mainstream media.

You’re about to discover the five REAL triggers of heart attack and stroke… and also get easy-to-use solutions to stop and reverse them before they do more damage.

Don’t worry about taking notes during our presentation. You won’t miss one detail. And that’s because…

We’ve packaged full details on the five triggers, and their simple solutions, into five special reports that make up our HEART PROTECTION KIT.

This valuable KIT is included FREE as part of a special offer you’ll get in just a moment.

And just one last thing before we begin…

I want you to know that our mission at The Institute for Natural Healing is to bring you the truth on the most important health and medical issues of our time.

We’re not aligned with the medical establishment. Nor Big Pharma. Nor Big Media, which promotes drug and establishment medicine propaganda.

We’re also not afraid to call out the U.S. government for its flawed dietary guidelines and suspicious approval of dubious and unnecessary drugs.

Most important, we believe in natural healing when it’s the best solution, and most often it is, both for preventing disease and reversing it.

But to be clear on our intentions—we’re not anti-medicine, nor anti-doctors, nor anti-anything that’s helpful.

In fact, we regularly work with experienced doctors and health practitioners on the cutting edge—those doing what most doctors don’t do—getting to the root causes of diseases and fixing them!

In short, we’re all about “What safely works best,” based on science-backed research and proven clinical results. And we report our easy-to-use findings each month in our newsletter, Independent Healing.

OK, let’s begin with the first of the five REAL triggers for heart attacks, and it’s a shocker…

Heart Attack Trigger #1:

Statins and other unnecessary pharmaceuticals

It’s true. You’ve been deceived for many years. We all have.

Statin drugs don’t prevent heart disease. But they do have many harmful side effects; including weakening your heart and sometimes even causing fatal heart attacks.

You’ll get proof of that in a moment.

But why were we led to believe otherwise, as if this were a magic pill for heart attack prevention?

It’s a fascinating story. And one you should fully know because your doctor isn’t going to stop prescribing these dangerous drugs anytime soon.

A bad day in medical history?

August 31, 1987, was hailed as a landmark day in medical history. That’s when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first statin drug, Lovastatin. It was billed as a miracle pill because Lovastatin had lowered blood cholesterol in its clinical trials. And here’s why that was believed to be so important…

Dr. Ancel Keys, the doctor famous for creating WWII K-Rations, had previously released his seven-country study showing that the consumption of saturated animal fats—presumed to raise cholesterol—caused heart disease.

Just one problem…

Keys’ original study included 22 countries. But when he didn’t get the results he needed to prove his hypothesis, he cherry-picked six countries that would. And then he added Wales (inside Great Britain) to get to seven.

Japan and Italy, which had less animal fat consumption, had very low rates of heart disease. Australia, Canada, England, and the U.S. had higher animal fat consumption and higher rates of heart disease.

Keys had the clout to make the cover of Time magazine in January 1961. And his bogus study set in motion decades of deception, misguidance, and bodily harm.

But decades later, when careful researchers took a close look at Keys’ full 22-country study, they found it didn’t hold water.

Plenty of countries with high animal fat consumption had low heart disease. But by then it was too late.

The pharmaceutical industry had jumped on Keys’ conclusion to make cholesterol-lowering drugs. And it promoted them aggressively as an effective way to prevent heart attacks and strokes—even though the actual reductions from the statin drug were miniscule.

It was an easy sell for two reasons:

First, concentrations of cholesterol were found in arterial plaque. But that’s normal because cholesterol is in every cell of the human body.

Second, most people normally have total cholesterol levels near or higher than 200, the arbitrary level the drug company set as being “at risk for heart disease.”

Drug companies especially promoted the idea that LDL was the “bad cholesterol.” And yet…

There is no such thing as Good or Bad cholesterol.

That’s Big Pharma’s propaganda. And it’s regurgitated by the doctors and medical societies that learned it from them, and by the media that takes advertising money from them.

Here’s the truth our research team at The Institute for Natural Healing uncovered…

Both LDL and HDL are lipoproteins that move cholesterol through your bloodstream.

This action is vital to your brain health, cellular health, muscle health, hormone production, vitamin D production, and the making of bile that digests your food.

All of these functions are critically important to your good health. Lower your cholesterol and you’ll likely cause bodily harm. You could even die prematurely—and you’ll get proof of that in a moment.

Statin drugs do have one small benefit—they slightly reduce inflammation, a problem we’ll discuss in a minute. But there are so many good natural remedies for reducing inflammation that you don’t need to take a drug for it.

And here’s another problem: Statin drugs can’t reduce cholesterol without also reducing CoQ10, the nutrient that powers your muscles. Your heart is a muscle.

According to studies, statins do next to nothing to prevent heart disease. But they do have harmful side effects.

They can weaken your heart, cause fatigue, cataracts, brain fog, hormone and vitamin deficiencies, muscle damage, increase your risk for diabetes and compromise your immune system’s ability to repair damaged cells.

Even setting these harmful side effects aside…

This is a far BIGGER PROBLEM than you think…

Tens of millions of people take statin drugs daily, believing they are protected from heart disease, while still doing the five things that actually cause heart attacks and strokes.

The cholesterol-lowering statin drug is a false security blanket that blinds you to the real triggers. That’s why heart disease remains the #1 killer today.

We have the REAL SOLUTIONS for you… in our Heart Protection Kit—included FREE as part of a special offer.

But first, let’s learn more from the first report in your Heart Protection KitThe 5 Real Triggers for Heart Attack and Stroke. This important information will show you what you’ve been doing wrong that causes heart disease, and how to stop it.

Here’s where the problem began

The modern heart-disease epidemic began with a 1977 government committee tasked with reducing America’s #1 killer.

This committee, headed by Democratic Senator George McGovern, took advice from flawed sources and urged replacing animal fats with vegetable fats.

It seemed like a good idea, especially after Keys’ study got so much attention. But animal fat imparts good flavor, so to make up for the lost flavor, food manufacturers added sugar.

THAT was the fatal error.

You see, refined vegetable fats and sugars—which are ubiquitous in fast and processed foods—are a perfect disease-making combination. You’ll see why in a moment.

This is why degenerative diseases are rampant in our country—arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

We’ve all been deceived. And a large portion of our food supply has been poisoned. A slow poison that chips away inside your body, a little bit every day, until one day it can strike you dead in an instant!

But now you’re getting the truth from our team at The Institute for Natural Healing.

For starters, your Heart Protection Kit, included free in our special offer today, will correct decades of misinformation and show you how to TRULY eliminate the threat of heart attacks and strokes.

Stick with me, because we’re going to cover all the deadly triggers, and you can take corrective steps today. But first…

Time magazine, to its credit, did correct its story in 2014, to show that the consumption of animal fats neither raises cholesterol nor causes heart disease.

That means fatty meats, butter, cream, and cheese, at least in moderation, won’t hurt you. But foods with refined vegetable oils and sugars—often promoted as healthy foods—can definitely hurt you because they lead to chronic inflammation.

Time also reported, early in 2015, that the U.S. government’s new dietary guidelines state that “dietary cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report concludes, “Available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”

Let me be clear on that… “You can’t overconsume cholesterol.”

This myth-busting statement, undoing nearly 40 years of bad advice, was buried in one short paragraph on page 91 of the government’s report. News THAT BIG should’ve made page 1. Why didn’t it?

We followed the money. And you’ll soon see why it didn’t. For now, just know that LDL cholesterol is not bad and you do not need to lower it.

Your body makes what you need for good health. If you get some from your diet, it makes less. Simple as that. But let’s let the facts settle this issue…

How did 30 years of aggressive cholesterol-lowering statin therapy work out?

Today, one in three deaths recorded in the United States is from heart attacks and strokes—more than all forms of cancer combined. Coronary artery disease is still the #1 killer.

And we now have strong scientific evidence that statin drugs can be hazardous to your health.

Let me show you some important study results

In your report, The Big Statin Lie, included FREE in your Heart Protection Kit (watch for special offer coming up), you’ll see that…

The double-blind study that launched Lipitor claimed a 36% relative reduction in heart attacks. But the actual reduction was only 1%! A perfect example of how you can lie with statistics.

The double-blind study that launched Crestor claimed a nearly 50% relative reduction in heart attacks, when the actual reduction was .41%. That’s less than one half of one percent!

You’d think your doctor wouldn’t prescribe statin drugs based on these dismal results—especially considering the harmful side effects. But doctors aren’t reading the research. They’re reading drug company sales literature.

And look at this…

A major finding in the Crestor trials that was NOT reported was the drug caused 50% more fatal heart attacks than the placebo. The Crestor study was done on healthy people for prevention and more people died!

A study published at the East Texas Medical Center found that 66% of patients taking Lipitor for six months developed heart problems, including the kind that can lead to heart failure.

There’s more shocking news you should know…

In a landmark cholesterol study in Japan, published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, researchers were startled to find the highest mortality occurred in people with the lowest cholesterol levels.

This was no fluke…

A study of 1,000 heart patients at UCLA Department of Medicine and Cardiomyopathy Center found that those with low total serum cholesterol showed a marked increase in mortality.

A major study published in the Journal of Critical Care showed that reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels caused a 990% increased risk of death in the 30 days following a heart attack.

Do you still want to take a statin drug, knowing it doesn’t prevent heart disease, but by taking it you could suffer harmful side effects and possibly die prematurely?

I’ll give you REAL SOLUTIONS in half a minute, but since we’re putting all the facts on the table, you should also know that…

A study of 26,000 participants published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found people taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol were 87% more likely to develop diabetes.

A study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center of 916 women age 55 to 74 who had been taking statins for 10 years or longer found double the incidence of breast cancer.

What’s more…

The FDA reported 36,605 cases of brain impairment from statin use—memory loss, confusion, paranoia, depression, and dementia. And those were just the “reported cases” in the last decade.

You can see that getting valuable information like this from our Independent Healing newsletter can really help you—even save your life.

You’ll need it because nothing has changed in establishment medicine, and statin prescriptions are even on the rise…

The new cholesterol guidelines from The American Heart Association would result in half of all people over age 40 taking statins, and 87% of men over age 60.

Did Big Pharma help The American Heart Association arrive at these new guidelines? Let’s follow the money…

Lipitor, made by Pfizer, is the most successful drug of all time, pulling in $13.3 billion in total sales in one year.

According to some sources, Crestor, whose study claimed to prevent heart disease in healthy people but actually caused more fatal heart attacks than the placebo, has recently become the #2 top selling drug. It pulled in $6 billion last year alone.

All together, statins are among the most successful drugs in Big Pharma’s history. Do you think those massive profits bought influence? Consider this…

Universities with medical research departments routinely receive large grants from Big Pharma. The same is true for medical schools.

Many doctors are paid to lend their names to drug company sponsored studies, or to speak at industry sponsored educational seminars.

Big Pharma spends nearly 50% more money on Washington lobbyists than any other industry, paying 1,320 registered lobbyists in 2015. That’s three drug lobbyists for every U.S. Congressman.

Get the facts, save your heart and your life

For these reasons we want you to have our Heart Protection Kit with full details on our independent research, including natural, REAL solutions.

You can receive this valuable Kit FREE today when you try a no-risk subscription to Independent Healing for a few pennies a day.

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The 5 Real Triggers of Heart Attack and Stroke: You can’t prevent heart attacks and strokes unless you know what causes them. Your doctor, the media, and Big Pharma have withheld key facts from you. Here’s what you need to know.

The Big Statin Lie: Cholesterol-lowering drugs and many more widely prescribed pharmaceuticals actually can cause fatal heart attacks. See which drugs to avoid and get far superior natural solutions.

The Truth About Cholesterol: There is no such thing as good and bad cholesterol; all is essential to your good health. But certain common practices lead to arterial damage and the making of plaque. See what those things are so you can prevent, stop, and reverse heart disease.

Healing Your Heart: See how chronic body inflammation and imbalanced or deficient hormones lead to heart attacks and strokes.  And get effective natural solutions to prevent both.

Stopping the Ultimate Heart Attack Trigger: See how to easily detect and reverse the biggest killer, the one causing 80% of all heart attacks and strokes.

In these five reports you’ll discover how to prevent, stop, and reverse heart disease—and especially How to STOP the 5 REAL triggers for heart attacks and strokes!

That’s not all you’ll receive…

Each month we put our research findings into easy-to-read and use guidance in our Independent Healing newsletter, which you’ll receive in addition to the valuable reports in your Heart Protection Kit.

I’ll tell you more about our monthly newsletter, Independent Healing, in a moment. First, let’s first look at some other risky drugs to avoid…fully detailed in your FREE report, The Big Statin Lie,and including far safer alternatives.

Synthroid is prescribed for hypothyroidism, or low thyroid function. It’s a synthetic drug that mimics the thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, side effects include high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm, and heart attack.

Nexium is the 4th biggest selling drug in America. It treats heartburn and acid reflux, but also ensures recurring heartburn and poor nutrient absorption by reducing stomach acid and hindering digestion. A major study also showed it raises the risk of heart attack by 21%.

Vyvanse is the 7th best selling drug in America. It’s a central nervous system stimulant used to treat ADHD, as well as binge eating and weight loss. But side effects include stroke, heart attack, and sudden death.

Cialis and Viagra are hugely successful erectile dysfunction drugs. But both are associated with irregular heartbeat, stroke, and sudden cardiac death.

Pradaxa is a blood thinner approved in 2010 that caused so many heart attacks and cases of unstoppable bleeding that the drugmaker has paid out $650 million in settlements to 4,000 victims.

Coumadin (warfarin) is a blood thinner that began its lucrative career as a rat poison and is still used for that. Do you really want to take a rat poison for stroke and blood clot prevention when superior natural remedies are readily available?

There are more drugs to avoid, too.

When you try a no-risk subscription to Independent Healing for a few pennies a day and receive your FREE Heart Protection Kit, you’ll get safe, natural, and effective alternatives for all of the risky drugs.

Best of all, these natural solutions work to eliminate the problems, rather than just treat the symptoms, or worse, do nothing at all.

When you’re ready, click the BIG ORANGE ORDER BUTTON at the bottom of your screen to take advantage of this great offer. And next, let’s talk about…

Heart Attack Trigger #2: Oxidized LDL

If there is no such thing as bad cholesterol, why is it constantly referenced in association with heart disease?

Have we left something out? Is there more to the story? Yes, there is, and no, we’re NOT leaving it out.

First, let me reaffirm what our research staff confirmed—LDL cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease. It is not bad. And you do not need to lower it.

This is proven every day because fully half of all people who die of heart attacks and strokes have what’s considered normal levels of cholesterol. And 25% have very low cholesterol.

So, the cholesterol theory of heart disease has been proven over and over again to be FALSE.

And yet cholesterol is indirectly involved in heart disease, because some of the triggers we’re discussing today cause a change in the nature of one type of LDL cholesterol particle.

Let me show you what happens, and this is taken directly from your report, The Truth About Cholesterol, which is included FREE in your Heart Protection Kit.

LDL cholesterol is made up of two types of particles—A and B.

Type A is a large fluffy buoyant particle that safely bounces off your arterial walls. It will neither embed in the linings of your arteries nor lead to the making of arterial plaque.

Type B is a smaller, dense particle. It is highly prone to oxidation, and once oxidized, it becomes sticky. That’s when it can embed in the linings of your arteries, typically at the site of some damage.

Plaque begins with damaged arterial linings, or what’s called the endothelial layer. Some researchers have even called heart disease “endothelial dysfunction” as if it were a rare disorder. But it can happen to anybody.

Let me walk you through the process, so you’ll understand exactly how to stop it.

Arterial damage is typically caused by chronic inflammation, oxidation, very high blood pressure, hormonal deficiencies, infection, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, smoking, and a diet high in refined carbohydrates, vegetable oils, and sugars.

The damaged lining then attracts the oxidized Type B LDL particles, which can embed in the tiny cellular junctions of the endothelial layer. This triggers the inflammatory immune response that starts the plaque-making process.

Basically, your body is trying to heal the tiny wound by making a scab.

But the scab is a rough patch that attracts more oxidized Type B LDL particles. And these also embed, which continues the inflammatory immune response and the plaque buildup.

But contrary to what most people believe, heart attacks and strokes are rarely caused by clogged and hardened arteries.

Just ahead, we’ll discuss the 5th and deadliest trigger of them all, and you’ll see that it’s NOT clogged arteries. But first…

The good news is that you can convert the potentially dangerous Type B LDL particles into the safe Type A particles. And you can stop the oxidation of Type B particles, which effectively stops heart disease in its tracks, and even reverses it.

You’ll see how in our reports, The Truth About Cholesterol and Healing Your Heart, both included FREE in your Heart Protection Kit.

But to get started today…

Limit or entirely avoid processed foods, with their refined vegetable fats and sugars and chemical additives.

Eat plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. And get moderate exercise a few days a week. Avoid extreme exercise as it can increase inflammation and free radicals that will damage your arterial linings and oxidize your Type B LDL particles.

You also can get simple blood tests that will tell you if you have Type A or Type B particles, what percentage of each you have, and if your Type B is oxidized.

One of the reports in your FREE KIT includes the names of the simple tests to get that will reveal your risks for all of the triggers. And it also provides the solutions you need.

But here’s an important fact: Statin drugs are not antioxidants, so they don’t stop the oxidation of the small Type B LDL particles.

And unlike natural solutions, they can’t convert the potentially dangerous Type B to the safe Type A particles—a remedy you’ll surely want to take, and which you’ll find in your FREE Heart Protection Kit.

For these reasons, cholesterol lowering statin drugs cannot prevent heart disease nor stop heart attacks and strokes.

Now, let me ask you…

Did your doctor ever explain any of this to you? Did you ever read or hear these facts in the mainstream media? Did you ever learn about these things in a cholesterol lowering statin drug ad?

Well, today you’re getting this lifesaving information from our research team at The Institute for Natural Healing. And that’s because our mission is not drug sales, but your good health.

Now perhaps you’re wondering…

Why doesn’t Big Pharma work for your good health?

This also is a very important part of the story that you need to know.

While there are a few lifesaving drugs, such as antibiotics and emergency room drugs, most drugs don’t fix anything.

Instead, they just treat symptoms. Or, like statins, they treat a problem that doesn’t exist. Here’s why…

Early in the 20th century, BIG MONEY interests founded a pharmaceutical cartel that laid the groundwork for the dominance of patent drugs in our healthcare industry.

Steadily, over the next 100 years, it cemented that position…in medical schools, at research centers, in government agencies and, of course, in the media, which provided the propaganda in exchange for advertising revenue.

Thus, in American medical schools, budding doctors are taught primarily two things—how to diagnose diseases, and which drugs to prescribe to treat them.

Doctors do not learn prevention. They do not learn the root causes of diseases. And they do not learn cures. Instead, they learn diseases and treatment drugs.

There is a very good reason for this. But you won’t find it a humane one.

There’s little money in cures and prevention. So the goal is not to cure, but to treat sick people with expensive patent drugs over the long term and, preferably, for life.

That’s where the BIG MONEY is…

And drug company profits are so MASSIVE that the industry easily paid $13 billion in fines to the federal government and over $12 billion in settlements to families in lawsuits in the last few years alone!

You may be taking several prescription drugs that treat symptoms only. And you may not need any of them because REAL SOLUTIONS are available to you.

At The Institute for Natural Healing we’re determined to provide the accurate information you need—the truth you’ve been denied because of the drug cartel profit motive—to put the power of GOOD HEALTH in your hands.

That’s why we want you to have our Heart Protection Kit—FREE with our special offer to try our flagship publication Independent Healing for a few pennies a day.

Just click the BIG ORANGE ORDER BUTTON at the bottom of your screen. You can order risk-free at any time.

Let’s look at the next deadly trigger…

Heart Attack Trigger #3: Chronic Inflammation

In 2004, Time magazine called inflammation “The Secret Killer.”


Because medical researchers discovered inflammation is at the heart of all degenerative diseases. These include…

Arthritis, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS…and most important to our discussion today, coronary artery disease.

In your Heart Protection Kit you’ll get our report, Healing Your Heart: The Anti-Inflammation and Hormone Balancing Solution.

This report shows you why chronic inflammation is a major trigger for deadly heart attacks and strokes. And it shows you how to stop it.

Remember, this Kit is FREE with our special offer today, but let’s cover some of most important points—and solutions—in your report right now.

Inflammation is vital to your good health when it comes to healing wounds. This is called “acute inflammation.” It occurs at the site of injury.

You remember when you were a child, falling and scuffing your knee. It turned red, swelled up, bled a little and formed a scab. But within a week it was completely healed.

Your immune system marshaled white and red blood cells and repaired the damage.

But inflammation can turn against you if it becomes chronic. One example is autoimmune disorders, when your immune system attacks healthy tissue.

Another example is when drugs trigger an inflammatory response because your immune system identifies an ingredient as a foreign invader.

But chronic body inflammation is mostly caused by low-grade infections, arthritis, smoking, belly fat, and a diet high in processed foods that contain refined vegetable fats and sugars, as well as chemical additives.

Hidden sources of chronic inflammation also include…

Frequent bouts of stress and anger.

Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum in foods, air, water, and household products.

The residue of pesticides and herbicides in processed and genetically modified (GMO) foods.

Over time, chronic body inflammation becomes both the trigger and driver of serious diseases. And here’s why…

Inflammation generates massive free radicals, which are atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons.

You don’t need to understand the biochemistry of this. Just know that free radicals are like hot BBs flying around inside your body, damaging everything in their path.

Young people have adequate stores of antioxidants to fight them. But as you age you have far less. It leaves you vulnerable. Make no mistake about it…

Inflammation-generated free radicals are at the root of heart disease.

Left unchecked, free radicals will damage the linings of your arteries. They also will oxidize your Type B LDL particles, which makes them “sticky.”

That’s when they burrow into the damaged parts of your arterial linings, triggering the inflammatory immune response that starts the plaque-making process.

But there’s a simple solution: reduce inflammation and neutralize the free radicals. And when you receive your Heart Protection Kit, you’ll see how to do that.

The first step is to find out if you have chronic body inflammation. The second is to find out if you have oxidized Type B LDL particles. You can get simple blood tests for both.

Two reports cover this subject in detail, Healing Your Heart: The Anti-inflammation and Hormone Balancing Solution and Stopping the Ultimate Heart Attack Trigger.

Both of these valuable reports are included in your Heart Protection Kit, which you can receive FREE today with your no-risk subscription to Independent Healing for just pennies a day.

But here are a few tips you can start using today…

Avoid statin, beta blocker, and triglyceride-lowering drugs. These deplete your body’s store of CoQ10, which is both a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Avoid processed foods and fast foods, which contain inflammation-producing refined fats, sugars, chemical additives, and residues of pesticides. All of these things will create a firestorm of free radicals.

Next, do not smoke. Trim the belly fat. And significantly reduce your intake of white foods, such as breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, and white flour products.

All of the white foods convert to sugar inside your body. Sugar is inflammatory. And inflammation makes free radicals.

When choosing oils for baking or cooking, use extra-virgin olive oil, REAL butter, or coconut oil. Avoid the inflammatory omega-6 oils, such as corn, soybean, safflower, peanut, and canola oil.

Never eat any food with “hydrogenated soybean or cottonseed oil” on the label.

Eat lots of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables. And choose organic foods whenever possible. They won’t have the residues of inflammatory pesticides, herbicides, and toxic metals.

Now, don’t worry if you didn’t have a pen handy to get all that down. You’ll get full details on these and several more natural solutions in our groundbreaking reports, The Truth About Cholesterol and Healing Your Heart: The Anti-Inflammation and Hormone Balancing Solution.

These reports, and three more, are included in your Heart Protection Kit, which you can receive FREE today when you try a no-risk subscription to Independent Healing.

Each month, Independent Healing is filled with the same kind of valuable information you’re getting today—and not just on heart health, but on all health topics.

Reader David Armstrong told us, “I have used your reports to help me withdraw, over a sensible period of time, from harmful medications for asthma and high blood pressure.”

Another subscriber in Canada said, “Independent Healing helped my husband with his prostate problem.”

And here’s a huge advantage of reading Independent Healing each month—the things that cause one type of disease also cause the others.

So, when you fight the true cause of heart disease, you’ll also protect yourself against arthritis, diabetes, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, the brain disorders, and dozens more ailments.

And that’s because you’ll be eliminating the sources of chronic inflammation and its corresponding creation of free radicals.

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Now, let’s continue with the 4th deadly trigger for heart attacks and strokes…

Heart Attack Trigger #4: Hormone Deficiency or Imbalance

A healthy heart requires both sufficient and balanced hormones.

Your hormones regulate hundreds of important bodily functions. So an imbalance or deficiency, especially over time, can actually create the conditions for heart attack and stroke.

In a moment, we’ll cover the 5th and most deadly heart attack trigger. Prepare to be shocked at what it is.  

But for now, just know that an imbalance or deficiency in hormones can contribute to this very problem.

Fortunately, the solution is easy. You can rejuvenate your body and protect against heart attacks and strokes simply by balancing and replenishing your hormones to more youthful levels.

Your Heart Protection Kit includes a valuable report on this subject: Healing Your Heart: The Anti-Inflammation and Hormone Balancing Solution. Let’s see what’s in it for you regarding hormones…

After age 50, it’s a good idea to have your hormones tested regularly by a doctor experienced in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Do not use drug hormones, which typically are synthetic. Or they are real hormones that have been altered in the lab with a foreign ingredient, in order to obtain a profitable patent.

You may have heard that hormone replacement therapy can cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. That’s true, but those cases involved drug hormones, never natural bioidentical hormones.

The Nurses’ Health Study, involving 60,000 participants, found that women who took both estrogen and progesterone (Prempro for example) had an 88% higher risk of breast cancer after 10 years on the treatment.

The reason is that your immune system will attack anything it identifies as foreign, triggering an inflammatory immune response. And many drugs cause this response.

Inflammation, as you’ve learned, creates free radicals. These, in turn, damage the linings of your arteries and oxidize your LDL particles. That’s the combination that sets the arterial plaque-making process in motion.

Balanced bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, will protect you against heart disease and all kinds of ailments. And two of the most important for heart health are testosterone and thyroid.

Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone, although women need a small amount, too.

Most people think it’s for sex drive. But more important, it decreases fat (thus reducing inflammation), builds lean body mass, and builds strong muscles. Your heart, of course, is a muscle.

One recent study compared 6,335 Medicare beneficiaries treated with testosterone therapy over a nine-year period with 19,065 who were not treated.

Results showed NO increased risk of heart attack among people receiving testosterone. It did show that testosterone had a protective effect.

The lead study author, Dr. Jacques Baillargeon of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, said testosterone could confer “a protective effect by decreasing fat and insulin sensitivity,” both of which increase inflammation.

In your FREE report, Healing Your Heart, you’ll see a study, published in the European Heart Journal, that examined data from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs of more than 83,000 patients. What they found was astounding…

Men with low testosterone whose levels were brought back to normal were…

56% less likely to die

24% less likely to have a heart attack

36% less likely to have a stroke

In your FREE report Healing Your Heart: The Anti-inflammation and Hormone Balancing Solution, you’ll see how to easily get bioidentical hormones and avoid drug hormones.

Don’t be surprised if your hormone tests show deficiencies. It’s very common over age 60.

In fact, a large percentage of patients seeing cardiologists today may really have undiagnosed testosterone and thyroid deficiencies. Those deficiencies, along with the other triggers we’re discussing today, usually are the cause of heart disease.

Let’s consider the connection between heart disease and thyroid imbalance or deficiency.

Hyperthyroidism is an OVERactive thyroid gland. It can result in anxiety and irritability, as well as a heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation causes the heart to beat faster and irregularly. And it increases your risk for stroke and heart failure.

Hyperthyroidism also can result in Graves’ disease, a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid gland.

Other symptoms include an enlarged thyroid gland, muscle weakness, trembling of hands and fingers, and a swelling at the base of your neck.

Hypothyroidism is an UNDERactive thyroid gland. It can lead to weight gain, fatigue, depression, hair loss, dry skin, feeling cold, and heart attack.

In his groundbreaking book, Solved: The Riddle of Heart Attacks, Dr. Broda Barnes says that “thyroid deficiency is one of the most potent factors in causing heart attacks.”

Dr. Barnes cites study after study showing the link between hypothyroidism and heart disease. Yet most conventional doctors won’t accept this view. Even worse? Most of them believe that low thyroid function afflicts only about 5% of the population.

Our independent research indicates a rate upward of 20%, with bigger numbers over age 50.

The reason conventional doctors miss the diagnosis is they almost exclusively rely on the standard TSH thyroid test. It often yields “normal results” even with a severe imbalance.

When you receive your FREE report, Healing Your Heart: The Anti-Inflammation and Hormone Balancing Solution, you’ll discover a far more accurate test to request from your doctor. And you’ll learn a simple test you can perform at home in 10 minutes.

Then you’ll get several effective natural solutions to prevent and treat thyroid imbalance or deficiency.

Do you see why, today, you must take your health into your own hands?

Inaccuracy, misdiagnoses, poor remedies, doctors adhering to outdated dogma, not to mention the heavy pharmaceutical bias. These are all good reasons to get Independent Healing—yours for just pennies a day with our special offer.

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Now, let’s cover the 5th and deadliest trigger, the one that all the other triggers bring about…

Heart Attack Trigger #5: The deadliest trigger of them all!

You’ve now learned the biggest, most dangerous and, unfortunately, least known triggers for heart attacks and strokes…

Statins and other common prescription drugs

Oxidized Type B LDL cholesterol particles

Chronic body inflammation

Hormone imbalances and deficiencies

All of these things contribute to the 5th and deadliest trigger. And that’s Unstable Plaque, so let’s find out…

What unstable plaque is

How to find out if you have it

And how to correct it before it’s too late

You’ve already learned that plaque starts in your arteries because of inflammation, free radicals, and oxidized Type B LDL particles. Certain drugs and hormone deficiencies also can contribute.

But most people have the mistaken idea that folks die of heart attacks and strokes when their arteries become fully clogged with plaque.

That’s actually uncommon.

Near fully clogged arteries are almost always diagnosed beforehand, because the patients go to their doctors complaining of fatigue, dizziness, getting easily winded, and chest pains called “angina.”

Here’s the cause of 80% of heart attacks and strokes:

What we’re concerned about today is the majority of heart attacks and strokes—the ones that have no warning and are often fatal.

These silent killers are almost always caused by “unstable plaque” that ruptures, sending big clots rushing downstream.

The clot can then block a main artery leading to your heart, triggering a heart attack. Or block the carotid artery leading to your brain, causing a stroke.

Let’s consult an expert on this subject…

Dr. Dwight Lundell, a pioneering heart surgeon who has performed over 5,000 heart surgeries, is former chief resident at Yale University Hospital. He says…

“Eighty percent of all heart attacks occur from ruptured plaques, and if a heart attack occurs in a specific area, sudden death is the result without warning and your life is over.”

What’s important to understand is that just 20% arterial plaque—if that plaque is unstable and prone to rupture—can kill you.

Let’s see why…

Stable plaque has a thick collagen-rich fibrous cap that keeps the fatty core underneath sealed. Plenty of people live to ripe old ages with large amounts of stable plaque in their arteries.

Unstable plaque, by contrast, has a thin cap over a fatty core. And the cap is weak because it lacks collagen and is typically badly inflamed.

A weak cap easily is infiltrated by macrophage foam cells, which results when your immune system sends white blood cells to make a repair. The foam cells and inflammation make the cap even more prone to rupture.

But again, you don’t need a biochemistry lesson…

The important thing to know is if you have stable or unstable plaque, and you can get a simple blood test for that. You’ll get full details in your FREE report, Stopping the Ultimate Heart Attack Trigger.

And here’s good news…

If you do have unstable plaque, you can eliminate the things that cause it. And you can stabilize it with specific foods and nutrients that promote collagen growth, are anti-inflammatory, and also are rich in antioxidants.

You’ll get full details on unstable plaque and its solutions in our report, Stopping the Ultimate Heart Attack Trigger: How to Detect and Defeat the Biggest Heart Killer.

This valuable report is included FREE in your Heart Protection Kit. It also includes the names of the simple tests that reveal your risks for all of the triggers we’ve been discussing today.

You’ll have to ask for these tests by name, as most doctors don’t bother with them. And, typically, not a single one is included in your annual physical.

You’ll want to get specific types of tests for hormones, blood sugar, lipids, inflammation, oxidation, amount of plaque, and stable or unstable plaque. None of these tests is invasive or expensive. And all are readily available.

They will detect any threats you currently have, giving you the opportunity to correct the problems with the solutions we provide.

And if you get good test results, you’ll have peace of mind. Either way, you win.

Remember, your FREE Heart Protection Kit includes all of the simple solutions to prevent, stop, and reverse the five real triggers for heart attacks and strokes.

And I think you can tell, from what you’ve learned today, that you haven’t been getting the real information you need to prevent or reverse coronary artery disease. On the contrary, you’ve been misled and deceived.

Even today, you can go to the websites of famous and prestigious medical centers and still get bad advice. Or no guidance on what really counts—the five deadly triggers we’ve been talking about today.

So, why run the risk of death or debilitation?? Why get a diagnosis for a serious disease? Why even get sick? If you have accurate information you can prevent all of this.

Independent Healing puts the power of good health into your hands by providing the accurate information and REAL SOLUTIONS you need.

And that’s how you’ll live a full, healthy, energy-filled life!

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You’ll discover how to prevent chronic body inflammation, the root cause of heart disease, as well as most degenerative diseases.

You’ll see how to test and balance your hormones, to protect against heart attacks and strokes.

And you’ll find how to stop the #1 killer—unstable plaque!

With this valuable information you’ll give yourself the complete protection you need. And we have much more to share with you.

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We’ll be covering weight control, thyroid issues, allergies, and autoimmune disorders.

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We’ll continue to warn you about dangerous and useless drugs. And you’ll see that we always put a big emphasis on prevention—on feeling good, aging gracefully, and staying well.

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Sincerely, Joe Zagami Senior Medical Researcher The Institute for Natural Healing


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