Love and Peace



As I sit alone in my rocking chair

I sense how peace is the silence of nothing

Resting around my being

Feeling serene and energetic

Knowing I’m safe, loved, and spiritually protected.


I also take time to reflect

How I understand my past

And why it happened,

And how my life lessons

Helped me grow spiritually.


A spirituality that gives me power

To forgive and release

The pain, anger, and regrets

Of a life well spent.


For as I know

It is all a part of a greater plan

For which I am

A player in the Karmatic wheel

Of my choosing.


And when I healed

The wheel stopped

No more to spin

And create the chaos

I once reveled in.


So as I sit alone

Happy and at peace

I say once again

Amen and thank you

To God and his spiritual team.


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