56 Sayings that Kills Relationships

  1. No one tells me what to do
  2. If you don’t like it then you can leave.
  3. My ex-wives used to try and tell me what to do and look what happened to them.
  4. I use to search my ex-wife’s car for hidden candy and throw it away. She needed to lose weight and I was doing it for her own good because she didn’t have any will power.
  5. You talk too much.
  6. The only way I can shut you up is to kiss you.
  7. You’re driving me crazy, shut up!
  8. You don’t know when to shut your big mouth do you?
  9. You know too much for your own good.
  10. You don’t know what you’re talking about. End of discussion! So, drop it!
  11. Will you just be quiet; I don’t want to hear about it!
  12. Why don’t you get up and fix me some breakfast instead of flapping your beak?
  13. Nag, nag, nag! Is that all you can do?
  14. Sorry you feel that way, but too bad. If you can’t handle the truth, then maybe you should just shut up!
  15. I don’t have time to talk, can’t you see I am busy. Besides, all you do is complain, moan, and bitch about the same things every day.
  16. I think you need to quit being so friendly with your male coworkers. You’re beginning to act too masculine and I don’t like it.
  17. All my past girlfriends and wives were very feminine and subservient.
  18. That is not very feminine the way you act. Maybe I need to teach you how to act like a real woman so you won’t embarrass me in front of other people.
  19. Well, it obvious I’m going to have to take you shopping to buy the right clothes for you.
  20. You will do as I say little girl. I know what’s best for you.
  21. I’m not going to give you fifty cents so you can buy a candy bar. You don’t need it.
  22. You are not driving my new truck!. Hell, you already get into accidents driving a small car. How in the world are you going to handle a big truck? Besides I’ll be damned if I ‘m going to let my friends seeing my wife driving me around in my truck!
  23. You owe me.
  24. I know we had plans, but I don’t feel like seeing you tonight. Call me tomorrow, I might feel like it then.
  25. Geeze! I just got done spend three days with you? Isn’t that enough?
  26. Didn’t I tell you not to stop by without calling? Go home! I’m not in the mood to see you tonight!
  27. Did I give you permission to do that? No, I did not. You’re not to do anything without my approval. Do I make myself clear?
  28. The next time you do something without telling me, I might do something you’re going to regret. You need to do as I say and not what you want to do.
  29. I like to take care of my women because it makes me feel needed.
  30. I don’t know why my last girlfriend/wife left me, I took such good care of her, she was so happy.
  31. You know I make enough money to support my woman. My last wife had to have a career. I don’t want a career woman; all they care about is their career. I need a woman who stays home and be there for me.
  32. I like to date women who live far away from me. If I live close to them, they would be expecting to be over every night for dinner or having me fix something of theirs all the time.
  33. I need more space. I can’t handle being around you too much because it makes me feel suffocated.
  34. If I spend too much time with you then it might ruin any chances I have to fall in love with you later on.
  35. I don’t like to sit around cuddling and kissing. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
  36. No, I am not interested in doing that with you; it’s a waste of time. I think you should try my activity instead. I know you would like it better.
  37. I want to be with you, but I can’t handle being around your kids, they’re brats.
  38. Hey, you need to mind your own business! If I want to call, see or visit an old girlfriend I will!
  39. Your friends are weird. You should really consider staying away from them. I think they are a bad influence on you.
  40. My friends were there before you and they will be there after you’re gone.
  41. Why are you calling my friends to check up on me? I’m very mad at you. Didn’t I tell you not to call my friends? If you need to speak to me, YOU text me!
  42. I am not staying home with you and looking at four walls. I am going out on the boat with my friends. You are more than welcome to come with if you wish.
  43. If you had brains, you would be dangerous.
  44. Those clothes make you look fat. You need to lose weight. It is embarrassing to be seen with you.
  45. I got rid the rocking chair so you won’t sit there and rock. It drives me crazy.
  46. It is about time. You are finally learning and getting a clue.
  47. You will never find another man/woman as good as me.
  48. You never have had a man as good as me before I came along.
  49. Why can’t you be more like so and so?
  50. You were nothing before I came along. I made you who you are. And you know something else, if you make me leave you because of your shenanigans; you will be right back where you were before we met. A nobody with nothing!
  51. You don’t new clothes. All you do is stay home, watch television, and kids all day, and that messes up what clothes you have anyway. Besides, I make the money and I will decide what to buy and how it is to be spent and I got to buy another motor for my boat. End of subject.
  52. Where have you been? I sent you out for beer and cigarettes and you have been gone for an hour! It was only down to the corner store. It should have only taken you a half hour! I bet you were flirting with some guy at the liquor store, weren’t you? I guess next time I will have to go with you; because it’s obvious I can’t trust you to go out alone.
  53. You would not understand, it is too complicated and besides I am the only one who needs to know. So do not worry about, I will take care of it.
  54. You can never leave well enough alone, can you?
  55. You take things too seriously. I was not flirting with that woman at the party. Besides, with the way you get jealous it turns me off and it makes me stay away from you. No wonder I talk to other women, at least they do not bitch at me like you do. At least they will listen to what I have to say, because you won’t.
  56. I don’t care what you think! Your blowing this thing out of proportion.

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