Life in the Box

I have no phone

I don’t need to know

What everyone is doing

Every second of the day


Instead I sit and watch

Mothers ignore their children

Couples turned away

Groups of people sitting in silence.

No conversation

All heads are down

Oblivious to what’s going on around.


Their phone is a barrier

To hide an insecure mind

Their fear of intimacy

An inability to connect

They hang on to it for dear life

Like children clinging to their mothers skirt.


I see fingers moving rapidly

Responding to mindless fluff

Hundreds of times a day

It’s safer that way

Then to have a face to face interaction.


And if I happen to speak

Or smile or say hi

It freaks these people out

And they turn their eyes downward

And move away

Still obsessed and addicted

To a small box

That controls their life.


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