The Secrets of Life

There are two groups of people who live on planet earth.

The first group is the people who never spiritually wake up to the secrets of life. Instead, they blunder through life with a materialist and service to self mindset attracting drama and creating more negative karma, and repeating the same mistakes. Then they die and go to either heaven or hell.

The second group is those people who are spiritually awake and are living a drama free, peaceful, and loving life. These are people who know the secrets of life. So exactly what is the secrets of life you may be asking.

Are you aware that earth is a big third dimensional classroom? And we are born with a life lesson plan we created on the other side with the help of our angels and spiritual guides. Our lesson plan includes all the life lessons and experiences we are to complete with our soul group for our own spiritual growth and to balance out negative past life karma. Our soul group consists of the same people we interact with lifetime after lifetime until we complete everything we need to learn with them. Then we get to graduate up to a more enlightened group.

And because we chose what lessons and experiences we need to go through—we are responsible for everything that happens to us. The spiritually awake person understands this and that is why they do not blame others for causing the problem, carry a grudge, and seek revenge above reasonable compensation for our pain and injuries. Instead, they ask God and his spiritual team of ascended master, angels, and guides for understanding of the reason for why the incident occurred. Once they have the answer they move on and let it go.

The spiritually awake person has also let go of their self centered and closed minded negative mindset. This is the reason they… let God and his spiritual team lead the way… forgive all those who have done them wrong… have let go of the sibling rivalry… are not jealous of others… love their fellowman instead of abusing and controlling them… know and understand their children have their own life plan and help them live it… know they planned out for their financial needs while on earth and they don’t worry about money… are grateful and appreciative of what they have and how their life is going right now… and understand they are where they are suppose to be right now.

Ah yes, the joys of living the secrets of life — it’s a beautiful thing!


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