Manifesting with I AM Statements

When you live in the moment with love, gratitude, and appreciation, it is amazing how many gifts Spirit will deliver to your front door!

If you want to make a life change for the better, attract the right person, bring in more money, get the job you will be happy in, have less stress, and more fun…

Then let go of the F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) and instead believe, think, say, and have faith that change is happening RIGHT NOW in your life!

Below is a list of I AM statements you can verbalize to the spiritual universe to help in your manifestation process. After saying the statements don’t dwell upon what to do as Spirit will be working behind the scenes to make it happen. Do, though, keep your eyes and ears open for the opportunities and inspirations they send your way so you can take action. And also stay patient and visualize the situations you want to manifest.

  • I AM worthy and deserving of all the unlimited abundance the universe is sending me NOW!
  • I AM financial abundance at this very moment NOW!
  • I AM freely accepting God gifts from all sources NOW!
  • I AM the best at (whatever your passion or occupation is) and I am doing it the best I can now!
  • I AM attracting new clients to my (blog, web site or business) who need my (name of product or service) NOW!
  • I AM attracting perfect pay in a perfect way for my perfect work NOW!
  • I AM bringing in unlimited income from (whatever your occupation, business, or products are) NOW!
  • I AM worthy of earning unlimited money (for whatever job or service you do) NOW!
  • I AM attracting (whatever it is) at this very moment NOW!
  • I AM worthy and deserving of and attracting romantic love from (name your person) NOW!
  • I AM marrying (name your person) NOW!
  • I AM traveling to the places I want NOW!
  • I AM living in the right location and residence for me NOW!

After all your worth it!



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