Photographing the Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains 8

It’s late April when it’s still cool and not hot

Walking down the desert dirt road

A 4 x 5 field camera in one hand

A tripod in the other

A bag of eight preloaded film holders over my shoulder

A holstered 22 caliper handgun on my hip

Ready to draw to kill rattlesnakes

That come across my path.

The Superstition Mountains loom in the distance

Yellow flowers dot the landscape

Flowing up the mountain slopes

Bright sun, deep blue skies

A slight breeze.

I set up the tripod

Screw on the camera

It takes five minute to focus through the ground glass

Nineteen ways the camera and lens can move

Bellows in and up, lens angled down, then up to level it out

I finally have the perfect wide angel shot.

I unlatch and open the camera back

And take a film holder from the bag

I slide it in and snap it shut.

I cock the lens lever

And then push the shutter.

I am done with that shot

And now it’s time to repeat the process.


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