No Drama for You

I am living a drama free life of peace, love, and happiness. However, it wasn’t always that way.

Back in the day, I attracted dysfunctional men and people into my life. These people were self centered, selfish, had ulterior motives, disrespected and took advantage of me. I was miserable, and felt sorry for myself. I came to despise most of the people around me. This only led to a backlash of more disrespect, animosity, and jealousy from these people.

Of course, at the time, I thought none of these problems were my fault. After all, I was a nice person who was being picked on for no reason. I blamed everyone else for the drama that was creating havoc in my life. I refused to take responsibility for who I was. I had no clue I was creating my reality due to my emitting a negative and self-defeating energy of dislike, mistrust, and contempt towards the people in my life.

Then it happened. God and his spiritual team of my angels, ascended masters, and spiritual guides came calling to rescue me by spiritually wake me up. The obsessive love of my life left me for another woman. His friends, who were supposedly also my friends, quit calling and no longer had anything to do with me.

I had hit a brick wall of being alone. Away went the non-stop parties, traveling, boating, eating out, driving nice cars, and all the other fluff of life. It was devastating and I fell apart.

For the next year and a half I went through a healing to let go of my fears, uncertainties, doubts, and neediness. God and his spiritual team showed me my progress through dreams and other synchronistic symbols. It took awhile for me to understand what was happening, but when I did it was my ah ha moment.

I finally understood I had made the choice to go through all the drama to learn lessons I needed for my spiritual growth. The veil was lifted and I saw the truth… I was responsible for choosing to live a drama free life.

And that is when things changed.

I gave God and his spiritual team permission to send their love, peace, and healing through me 24/7.

I began asking God and his spiritual team to surround me every day with their white light of protection to keep away the negativity.

And because I no longer emitted the negative energy of fear, uncertainty, and doubt – I no longer attracted negative people. And that is why…

No one pesters me for or steals my money, abuses me physically, psychologically, or verbally nor takes advantage of me. I no longer feel guilty about not giving away my money, time, and energy to manipulative and self centered people who only care about themselves. A lesson I think more people should to take to heart.

Instead, my life is quiet, and peaceful, and I now attract money, love, and good people into my life. It is a beautiful thing and I thank God and his spiritual team every day for their blessings and the wonderful life I am living.

Myself, I would love to see more people living a drama free life. However, until people make the decision to wake up spiritually themselves, they will continue to live in their self imposed prison of despair and dysfunction. And so I shall continue to send out the love, peace, and healing that mankind needs to live a drama free life


Peace carton


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