Sitting Alone

You sit alone at the bar

Your mind lost in endless thought,

Why is life going badly?

Where did it go wrong?

Your head swimming in mindless conversation.

You think to yourself

One drink after another

Will the pain ever end?

Soon your body feels warm

Your mind loosens up

The thoughts drift deeper in.


Is it unhappiness that has you plagued?

But yet as you have another drink

Wait out the time

Nothing seems to matter

Or can some of it.

What is life?

Has it been a waste?

Was this your destiny?

Or your fate that has you here.

Life is what it has been

You took it for what it was worth

But now you feel time draws to a close.


So as you have another drink to numb the pain,

You push aside the reality

And ponder on an end

An end to life

Is it an option?

A quick way to go.

But when

Only you will know.

But now is not the time.



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