Spiritual Inspiration

These inspirational saying are from my book, Our Spiritual Awakening

God has many names throughout the world. Hence, it does not matter the route we take on the journey, as long as God leads the way.

Your emotional reaction to all situations in your life is about you and your perception of reality. And once you understand that concept, you will be ready to move on to living a spiritual filled life in service to mankind.


Ask Spirit to send you bring the contentment and love and abundance you deserve


Always be grateful and thankful to God for what you have today


Always do everything to the best of your ability—as God made you able to do so


Ask God and his spiritual team to keep you healthy, happy, and able to achieve all your dreams as you are worth it


Think about what you can do for others and pray often for the best others can be—as it is not always about you


And smile at everyone you see and meet and send them love—it can make a difference in their lives


When the veil lifts and you see the spiritual truth, you are not crazy


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