What was love?

When it is ended.

A fleeting thought through the mind?

Was it something?

Or was it nothing?

I ponder to understand.


So as I pray with faith and truth

I ask the Lord, why?

When love is ended

Is it over, is it done, have I learned?

Do I understand?


And when the answers come

I feel a peace within,

Because then I know

Love does not end.


And as the soul lives on,

The love once learned

Will forever be there,

Never dying, never faltering,

But always within.


On this earth, in this time

Many will come, many will go

All passing within our realms

To atone for what was before,

And what is now,

And what would be.


To see the light

To feel the faith

To know the truth

Is what love brings.


It teaches the heart understanding

It breathes life into the soul

It blesses the mind, to keep it free.

Of hate, jealousy, and all abounding evils.

Our human bodies may die away,

However, the love in our souls

Lives forever and a day.


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