The Coming of the Angels

The situation is dire even though the fighting has stopped. The city’s residents now live in constant fear because of insurgents roaming the streets, invading homes to haul away the men and rape the women. During the day resident’s move with caution through the destroyed buildings and rubble looking for scare food and water. Dead bodies are piled up in the streets until the temporary morgue is ready. Doctors care for the wounded in an undamaged section of the hospital with what medical supplies they could salvage. Everyone feels all hope is lost.

Then it happens—a group of hundred seven feet tall beautiful beings in flowing robes appear in the street. They are surrounded by a bright aura that extends out far from the group. The residents on the edge of the aura feel the energy of love, peace, and healing emitting from the beings. They are not scared as they sense the beings are there to help put an end to the insurgents rein.

The beings begin walking down the middle of the street singing a song. “We are the angels of God, and we are here to help heal the wounded, to fill all with the love and peace of God who is the creator of all. Come now to us for our energy is from God for all his people of earth.”

And hundreds of people began to approach the angels and stopped on the outer edge of the aura. The angels raised their arms up to spread the aura out further amongst the people. Word of praise and thanks filled the air as the love, peace, and healing fill the people within. Then the peace of the moment was interrupted with the noise of eight trucks mounted with machine guns approaching the crowd at the end of the unpaved street. Each truck carried four long breaded and dirty clothed men. It was the insurgents and they were yelling for the residents to disband now or die. But no one moved. The insurgents stopped their trucks and the men at the controls of machine guns squeezed the trigger, but no ammunition sprayed out. The gunners kept on yelling and squeezing the triggers, but to no avail.

As the angels moved through the crowd towards the trucks, the insurgent’s leader yelled out for the drivers to back up and leave, but the engines then died. The scared insurgents attempted to climb out of their trucks but they could not move. They sat silent in wide eye terror watching as the angels approached with their aura surrounding the vehicles.

It was then the insurgents felt the love, peace, and healing. The angels walked around the trucks and as the angels touched the vehicle, the machine guns melded into a round metal tube. The insurgents starred in amazement and they began saying their praises and thanks to God. After the angels walked pass the vehicles to continue on through the town, the truck engines restarted and the drivers turned around and drove slowly back to their makeshift headquarters.

When the trucks arrived back at the headquarters the other insurgents saw the round metal tubes on the gun stands and began talking. The commotion brought the commander out of a tent and when he saw the round tubes he demanded to know what happened.

“The angels of God did it.” Calmly said a man from the truck closest to the commander.

“What!” said the commander as he pulled out a pistol from the holster on his belt. “How dare you mock my question with disrespect! Answer me now before I shoot you myself! What happened to the machine guns you idiot! And did you kill the rebels who cause the uprising?”

“No. The angel’s stopped us.”

“Take all these traitors in the trucks to the poles!” said the commander. Several men approached the trucks and began pulling the men out of the trucks. Then the angels appeared in front of the trucks and all the people stopped and stared in disbelief. The men in the trucks smiled knowing was about to happen. The commander aimed his pistol at the angels and when he pulled the trigger nothing came out. He tried to run but could not move. The angels lifted their arms and sent out their energy through the crowd. All the rifles the insurgents carried melded into round metal tubes. The men all felt the love, peace, and healing surge through their bodies and they began to sing praises of thanks and praise to God. Then the angels left.

Afterwards each insurgent silently repented of his or her old ways of killing, maiming, burning, and stealing. The commander then called everyone together to make plans to help the town’s people rebuild their lives because they were compelled to serve God and love their fellow man.

The band of angels continued to appear where war had destroyed towns, villages, and cities. The news spread causing nations throughout the world to prepare for war and Marshall Law. And when the angel’s reached those nations, the love and peace caused all to lay down their weapons. When the angels work was done, all the earth’s residents with their raised vibration and higher consciousness understood God so loves the world that he will heal instead of take away. He did not send a thief in the night to take away masses of people as organized religion had preached. Instead, he sent his angels to take away the sin and evil and raise people’s consciousness so God would rein in people’s hearts, mines, and bodies forever so people would be in service to mankind instead of service to self.


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