The Work Life

An excerpt from my book Our Spiritual Awakening

Another area of your life where you may feel tested about your spirituality is at your job. It can be challenging and stressful on a daily basis to deal with coworkers and or bosses who are immature, lazy, bullies, tyrannical control freaks, sociopaths, and have borderline personality disorders.

These unenlightened people despise happy and spiritual people. They take pleasure doing passive aggressive things to sabotage your work flow to make you work harder or look incompetent. They enjoy upsetting you by goofing off and not doing their work when you’re around. They thrive on talking trash about you to their buddies behind your back, and can explode in a fit of rage if you point out something wrong they did.

But don’t let your unenlightened coworkers hate and negativity get to you! As long as you keep on sending God and his spiritual teams love, peace, and healing through you out to your coworkers, they will have no power over you. Plus, no matter how hard and long your coworkers attack you, they will never succeed as God and his spiritual team will keep them in a constant failure mode. And because no bad deed goes unpunished—as your spiritually ignorant coworkers continue digging their pit of deception, lies, and misdeeds—it is only a matter of time before the pit collapses and they are buried under a deep pile of Karma they will have to pay back in their current and future lifetimes.

So be patient and keep the faith knowing God and his spiritual team is working behind the scenes to bring about the work life changes for your highest and greatest good. After all, you don’t want to be there when the pit collapses. Amen!


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