The Scratching Post

Squeaky pawing curtain

The Scratching Post by Squeaky the Cat

I want a scratching post that is tall and blue

Covered in carpet with a gray dangling mouse on top too.

In our house, for quite awhile, I found my scratching limited to the cat box litter pile.

But it was not enough to curb my need to scratch

So I dug my claws deep into the off white leather seat.

It made the humans angry because I know it’s ugly to boot…

To repair deep claw marks I made without a hoot.

Sorry s, but since I need to claw

You need to buy me a scratching post…

So I don’t have to turn your leather seat to shredded toast.

So get in car and drive to the  store

And spend a few dollars more on a scratching post because…

It’ll save your chairs, couches, and cloth curtains

That I am for sure is definitely certain.

Plus you won’t hear us hoot.

Because we will  have a scratching post that will keep us mute.


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