Why I don’t do Internet Dating

I tired doing the Internet dating site thing on both free and paid sites and I found out one thing…

99% of the men on the sites don’t want a woman who is truthful.

Case in point. Here is my profile I used for the sites:

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am a honest, happy, spiritual, secure, and independent woman. I live a quiet and non dramatic life. I am not a needy and desperate person and so I am not looking for a sugar daddy. I also don’t mother men since I believe the man in my life is my partner. Since I am intelligent person, I enjoy talking about interesting topics and I am not into arguing. I don’t waste my time drinking in bars, and I am not interested in booty call so if that is your intentions for meeting woman you can just stop reading and go upon your merry way. I also have done a lot of things in my life and if you are the insecure type, you might feel intimidated being around me. That’s why the man in my life has to be like and love who he is. 

As a spiritual person, I allow God and his spiritual teams love, peace, and healing to channel through me to others. So, I do not tolerate gossiping, and hateful talk about people. However, I don’t go to church because I am not into organized religion. I also have seen UFO’s, go to psychics, and do readings with my rose quartz pendulum. I am a creative person and enjoy drawing and writing. I love animals and so I don’t go hunting or fishing. I also do not like or ride motorcycles, so if that is your passion no amount of trying to convince me to get me on your bike will work.  

So if I haven’t scared you off yet, good for you. And yes, when I am with the right person I am a loving and romantic partner. I also know within five minutes of meeting a person if they are the right person or not. Simple as that.

As you probably are assuming from my profile, I didn’t get any responses. What is interesting is before I put up this profile I had one about how I loved to travel, take romantic walks, cozy up at night on the couch to watch movies, and have intimate candlelight dinners and etc. Well you guessed it… I GOT RESPONSES!

And when I met the men for coffee, there was no chemistry and the men were looking for booty call or someone to take care of them or they lambasted their ex’s or they just someone to date. So that is when I put up the truthful profile about who I am and the responses stopped. So after three months, I took down the profile and haven’t bothered with the Internet dating since then.

But that’s fine with me because since God is in control of my life, he and his spiritual team of my angels and spiritual guides are working behind the scenes to bring me my beloved when the divine timing is right. I am not worried about being or ending up dying alone. I don’t have friends or family on the look out for a man for me, and I’m not fretting and frantically searching for a man to fulfill me because I am already happy and fulfilled. Amen.


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