Channeling in the Love

Back in 2003, my angels channeled messages on love, spirituality, and future events to me. Below is one of the channeled poems about love I read the poem to the narcissistic man I was with at the time he said, “Interesting, but you should know I’m really not into that spiritual stuff. Let’s go get a drink.” Needless to say, I felt sad about how he felt and I stopped talking to him about my spiritual experiences. Three years later he left me for his high school sweetheart which was for the best. And so now here is the poem:

Sweet love flowing from the heart

We shall no longer be apart.

I keep you within my reach, sharing my touch of passion with you.

Our greater sense of knowing

Our movement within the universal realm

Caring for each other

Leaving all fear and despair behind

Such lessons of love

Encounter our path,

We take up the reins of possibilities

Hence going forth to our destiny

Finding out that our love is endless,

Unconditional, heartfelt, and trusting,

Blessed by a higher source of energy,

We feel the flow of a loving light and as it permeates our souls.

We know it is what all humanity

Should also know and feel.

Love from the eternal flame that God has sustained

Throughout the ages for all those who call to him

To bestow that love upon them.

God is love, all encompassing us.

We need only to ask and we shall receive.

For us who understand this,

We are to share that love freely.

The light emitted will fill the void,

The night, and crush the hate.

For love is the answer to every problem on earth–

Only though if we accept it.


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