A Tale of Two People

This is a true tale told to me by an acquaintance, I’ll call MP who read my book Our Spiritual Awakening.

You see MP was having problems at work with DD a coworker. DD was creating a hostile work environment by saying whatever she thought, gossiping and bullying MP, and always trying to start an argument with MP. DD was not happy, overweight, and had physical health issues.

DD was making MP feel miserable, stressed out, and angry and she wanted it to stop. So I suggested she read my book and she did. She began using the spiritual healing and loving techniques from the book and found she was not being affected by DD negative actions. MP said, “It’s like I didn’t care anymore about what DD said, she no longer made me mad. Thanks for suggesting I read your book.”

And the best part was MP said she had been searching for a new job for a few months and nothing was happening. But once she released the anger she had towards DD, within a month she was hired into a higher paying job. MP knew she was done with the lesson she had to go through with DD and it was time to move on.

So my dear readers, if you are having issues with a negative person and want to learn how to resolve those issues and move on, Our Spiritual Awakening can help you.

After all, life is too short to let negative people ruin it.






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