Meet Pink Kitty


Pink Kitty is a strong and independent kitty who lives in Kitty Town with her two best friends Serena and Lilly.

Her message is one of love and help your neighbor… respect nature… be kind and accepting to all living creatures… and be true to yourself.

Pink Kitty, Serena, and Lilly know how to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. They love to share their creative endeavor’s with everyone including…

The Pink Kitty Lapel pin. (There are also stickers I give out for free to people). All the pins and stickers have been infused with love, peace and healing from spirit. People say they can feel the energy. Of course, to offset the cost of making the pin, I have a nominal charge of $3.00 per pin. People have told me I should charge more… but the goal is to make people happy and send out love, peace, and healing.


So thank you for reading my blogs and may love and peace fill your hearts!




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