Coloring the World

Who would ever think adult coloring books would be all the rage today.  The idea is when you color in one of these books it should be fun and relaxing. But I beg to differ. Recently a very generous and lovely friend gave an extremely detailed adult coloring book. For me it would take several days to color just one drawing and I know I would lose interest after the first day.

Myself, I have always preferred the simplicity of coloring which affords me the time to color in a drawing in a few hours than several days. And hence is the reason I created a coloring book of my spiritually inspired drawings for those people who want a more simplified approach to coloring. It is titled Adult Coloring Book featuring Cats, Romance, Angels, & Flowers 

Here are two examples of drawings from the book titled The Woman’s Aura and Angel Kitty:



And as always I want to thank you in advance for clicking on the link and to have a loving and abundant day!


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