Violets in the Snow

My dear

Today, I saw a beautiful violet

With its’ radiant purple petals

Lying atop a white glistening blanket of snow…

So cold

So lonely

As it lay silently dying.


And the violet stared back at me

Like your own violet wide eyes

Looking sadly at me

Crying no tears.

Yet pleading with me

To come back and stay.


But alas, like the dying violet

So is our love we once had.

Our lives together a memory

Wilted like the purple petals of misery.

Silent like dreams that we awaken from,

Knowing our time together is over.


And like that violet

Frozen in the white cold snow,

So was once your warm heart

That grew cold.

Not wanting to move on,

Still controlling an imaginary love,

That will never find its way back home.


So as I linger over the still beautiful violet

Now dead atop the cold white snow

I for a moment let go

To forget,

To release,

And cry.



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