A Futuristic Angel Message

Back in 2003 I channeled in several message from my angels. The following futuristic message is from the angel’s Hanna and Jonas is in my forthcoming book I am working on, The Angelic Awakening. The angels message to us basically means despite what is coming, we are to remain enlightened beings of love in service to God for the betterment of mankind.

The first message from Hanna: “Hence now hear the words that I bring to you. For the wars of the heaven’s rage on, letting go the aplomb revelry. For those souls who follow the righteous path of love and understanding they will fear not. Those enlightened souls know there is an ancient ship that contains living quarters for all who choose to go.”

The second message from Jonas: “It is only lies when you hear the end is near. Near to what you may ask but it is not what you think. Reach back into your soul’s growth. Let it flow to awaken your soul. The end date is not 2015 but is the date of our karma rectification. We shall pay for what we have created upon the earth with much discord occurring amongst the people. It shall be worst than what you see now. The year of 2025 adds up to a nine, which is an ending to what we know. Watch for a cosmic storm as it forbears the truth. Rarely seen slivers of light, which are the tales from the shooting stars, dotting the night sky. Fear not these stars for they are only passing through. Watch for the brightest one of the stars, called Polaris. It is a master of strife and disturbance, which offends the morass of the seas. The salt of the sea always washes white upon the shores; but with Polaris’s passing, it is no more. Polaris shall rise up the brown and green bubbles of gas from deep within the sea. Like the heat of hate that consumes the soul, so shall all in the sea perish from those gases. The fish will float unable to breath. It is only when the rain comes in time to drench the flame of thirst.

“Carry out the will of God and forgive all, for it shall not matter when the wave of injustice engulfs those who willfully refuse to acknowledge the power of God, his awe, his almighty hand of love. Like a fly that flies and teases a person, but missed the swatting, it is only a matter of time before the fly is crushed.

“What you say is what it will be. You must direct where your thoughts of love go. Hail that we receive blessings when we have a new understanding of what we need do to survive the strife. We can perish under a weight of indifference foregoing within even a heart of gold. Forget what not is yours. It was, it is, and it will be. Release and understand. No man stands alone, nor is he to blame another. All our souls are entwined within the universe. When our actions are done karma misses no one. There is payment to be made for the atonement of the soul. Sin is only what you think it is. All is lessons, nothing more. But we cannot do our lessons with reckless abandon, as for the earth has and it is reaping the sorrows of karma.”


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